04 March 2010


Hello ladies! OMG, my blog is dead! :( I feel so bad for it LOL...

My boss asked me to go to work tonight and I said yes but I came home and tried to take a nap, but couldn't fall asleep so I ended up putting this look together ^_^ I used the Kat Von D Memento Mori Palette! It's really gorgeous, but I'm not sure how I'm suppose to use it together for a look other than this LOL..

Oh well, enjoy! I haven't posted my face in a while.. I started to break out on my left side these past few weeks :( Can't really tell in the pictures though so it's okay! LOL :D

Ew... you can kinda see the dry skin/acne patch area! GROSS LOL.. but it's under my apple of my cheek xP

Really hate it! Because my blush isn't applying smoothly because of the acne haha xD

Also waxed my eyebrows myself! I was gonna do a tutorial, but I was too lazy so maybe in a few weeks ^_^ I seriously gotta leave now! I'm suppose to be at work at 5:00 haha!



  1. Nice makeup! I love the lippie...and don't worry about the acne, you can hardly tell =)

  2. girl fuck them acnes...u still look fly!!!! ur lucky u only have acnes. i have acnes and large pore on my damn right cheek. thats permanent! i hate it, cant wear shimmery blush =(

  3. ohhhh, pretty eye look. tutorial! Woman, you was suppose to do a tutorial for me so I can get all doll up this Saturday *sad face*. lol. Oh wellzy, I guess I'll just figure how to pluck or maybe go to the number 1 place to get my eyebrows wax here. HAHAHAHA. Dude, the next person who does my eyebrows better not wax the end of my eyebrows again, it's not freakin growing on the right! So mad... mommy is not here to do my eyebrows =[ She does it perfectly the way I like it.

    What foundation are you using? I was looking at the shades of the photofinish and dude... are you sure you're in two shades because even 005 was dark for me O_O so I don't know what other shades have a yellow undertone -___-

  4. you look cutie, girl! i'll have to check out that palette. btw, do you like your job? i always ask people about their jobs out of curiosity : )

  5. awww...dont worry you're still beautiful. I love this look ^_^, very pretty!!

    i'm too scared to wax my own eyebrows lol

  6. love your eyes makeup! :) i hardly see your acne at here, so it's okay. i've been breaking out real bad too D:

  7. Lovely color combination. In the pictures, the acne's not obvious at all. You're still pretty Linds. ^_^

  8. the colors are so pretty and remind me of spring and the rainbow! light colors really make your eyes pop and brighten up your face!!! now i want this palette, why lindah why???!! did you have to do this to me haha..i'm suppose to be on a "low" buy

  9. still looking as gorgeous as ever! :) i've missed reading your posts hun! :D

  10. The colourful eye shadows look great on you :)
    Your skin looks fine - I just got over a rash on my face. Ugh, yah a rash!!! (Damn you MAC essential oil LOL).


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