03 February 2010


HOWDY ^_^ Told you I'd be back the today! I originally had a review of the Revlon Photoready Foundation planned today, but I was bummed about making two bad grades on my quizzes today :(

I was to distraught by my car running on empty the entire time I was driving to school.. so I ended up with a 70 on my history quiz (I would've got an 80 if I didn't second guess myself) and 60 on my government one (there was only 5 questions) but I forgot to look at my notes before class! I totally zoned out because I was starving! UGH.. oh well, drops 2 lowest quiz grades so it's okay! I just don't like looking at my grade online because it's sooo not an A! LOL ^_^

I did this look at work! (no literally, I did this during work in the morning LOL) Might do a video tutorial on this look but still undecided.. IDK should I?!?! :T

Pictures taken at the end of the night! LOL! Pretty much everyone saw me taking the pictures because the flash was hella bright... Lipstick is missing also and lips are pretty chapped also so excuse that!

I'm happy with the turnout of this look! I used a lilac on the lid on top of a pink base so it showed up pinky :D I am in a valentine's day mood ^_^

My acne has been acting up lately! I recently ran out of my Philosophy purity wash and had to use just the neutrogena oil free acne cream wash and it was keeping my face clear.. and then I started breaking out?!?! I think it was because of my period since it came last week so that might be the culprit. PLUS.. I didn't wash my makeup brush which could also be the culprit! And my pillow sheets haven't been washed either?!?! So I'm not gonna blame my beloved acne wash... I'm gonna wash my stippling brush tonight and hopefully it's dry tomorrow morning or else I'm gonna have to use my other one and then end up washing that one later too -_-


Kate Gene (http://katiegene.blogspot.com/) is having a giveaway! You can get additional information on it here ^_^

But that acne kit.. I need that right now! LOL, I've had really good luck with philosophy products so I'm gonna try out more of their products :) Korres lip butter is awesome too! I think that's one of the ones I don't have.. and the rose one! I have the other three ^_^ (I'm going to give away pomegranate for my giveaway :D)

Okay, so this was just a quickie tonight! I gotta go study for my FIRST ever art quiz... GRR, IDK what's suppose to be on there? She started class too early on tuesday so I didn't get the full information :( I should make friends with "MUSTAFAH".. IDK how to spell it either but it sounds like simba's father but with the "F" and "S" backwards but with a "T".. He's also in my government class! LOL.. you cannot miss that name when the teacher calls roll. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU!

I'm improving, I got back to my comments today but didn't get to finish reading blogs, but I got some out of the way! I'll save the rest for tomorrow. I have TONS of things to do tomorrow so I might have to post pone it again?!?! *sigh* school is hectic this week! LOL ^_^

Good luck to everyone who's in class right now! I know midterms are coming up.. GAHH! Chemistry will kick my ass :P TOMORROW I will post photos for sure of the photoready and I might even make an application video?! o_O Or maybe not LOL.. depending on my free time :)



  1. I like this, it's really pretty but subtle! And darn that time of the month.. it seems to wreak havoc on everyone's skin, including mine. It makes me jealous of guys haha.

  2. You should totally do more videos! I love watching videos, especially the ones with tutorials! :D

  3. awe yeah to soft purples! love it love it love! Those are all valid reasons from getting acne. When I get acne, I blame it on school. Because school leads to stress and lack of sleep. . . DARN SCHOOL!
    Lol. Mustafah. I have a teacher who roll calls "BAHULIYA!" awesome classmate tho. but that teacher and how he pronounces it. priceless.

  4. Oooh, pretty eyeshadow! I like that it looks almost natural - but it's pink! Too cute!

    Thanks for posting my giveaway on your page. I can't wait to pick a winner! Woop woop! :D

  5. The look is gorgeous! :D I never get purple and pinks to turn out right on my pale skin :( I always look bruised LOL

    HAHA Midterms. Crap, I totally blanked out and then I mixed up some terms. Good luck on your Chem midterm! :D

    (Also, superfail. I DID buy the MUFE Waterproof Mascara and it still smudged. I think Majolica Majorca and Fiberwig are the only ones that don't smudge on me! ><)

  6. you totally should do a tutorial video! i love your eyes makeup.

  7. Oooh the eyeshadows look so romantic :) I love it. I hate looking at my grades too when they're not great lol!

  8. midterms?! girl, you're gonna give me a heart attack. lol easy now...

    i'm trying to do better this semester too though. i love your eyeshadow because purple's my fave color : )

  9. Love the lilac shadow on you! It really makes your eyes pop =)

  10. I love that look on you! It's so pretty and fresh! :)

  11. lilacs are so pretty! i think they look great with any skin tone :) love the falsies on you as well your eyes really pop girl!

    i think you are breaking out because you're going through puberty! hahah j/k

    my verification word tribing: (urban dictionary definition) a sexual position where two women spread their legs and scissor them together so that their vaginas are touching. they then grind against eachother to stimulate their clitorises and vulvas.


  12. Wow woman, already in the Valentines mode. lol. Is he going to take you somewhere nice or something? and wowwwwww at the grades! lol. You'll do better woman!

  13. i love it when teachers drop the lowest test grade! im sorry to hear about it though :/

    love the look!

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  15. Lovely FOTD ^_^. Goodluck on winning Kate Gene's Giveaway, I joined this too lol ^_^

  16. sooo cute i love how pink works so well on you <3


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