24 February 2010


Hello! (don't forget about my skin MD naturals giveaway up there ^^^) I'm still alive & reading blogs but honestly I haven't been in the mood to leave my mark :( Sorry gals but thank you everyone for the get wells :) I got sick maybe because....

I went drinking Friday night and more than 10 people drank out of the same straw but I thought alcohol kills germs?

...or I got sick because I was dead tired and woke up early and the Chinese cranked the air conditioning up (or shall I say down to be technical) and it was hella cold but THEN they cranked on the heater because they got cold -___-" which led to me getting a killer headache and taking some medicine from China that tasted like x-pills and then I got nauseated for the rest of the night!...

and that's not it, when I got home my post-strep throat sister was over and I fed her some of my fruit cup with my spoon and I used it to eat more of my fruit cup :X ahh.. it's probably all of those things LOL! Yeah, totally my own fault I got sick right? But I feel a hell of a lot better now but throat still feels like razor blades but it'll go away by the end of the week ^_^


So I just got off of work today. My boss asked me to work for him tonight because he's in serious need of a haircut.. it's been a month LOL! I am super exhausted from driving and driving and driving all night... but I guess the tips are kinda worth it :T? Well I took off work on Friday night and Saturday morning to go to the Crow Museum of Asian Art in Dallas, TX and then to celebrate my father's birthday at dim sum the next morning! (It was my treat..) I took some pictures of me & the boyfriend while he was driving over there and it was very awkward trying to steady my hand on my car and taking a picture while looking outside the window and smiling through traffic!

Oh and we went to the museum because I have to write a paper about it for my art appreciation class :) It wasn't bad but definitely awkward at first since I haven't been to a museum since elementary school with classmates! I have to admit, these pictures are kinda fuzzy because my hands are so jittery :( Sorry about that but you gals get the picture! lol ^_^

I felt like I needed a clown nose up there in this picture.. there was this weird lighting going on with my nose and it look really weird?!?! :X

Here's the makeup I wore that evening.. I tried to do it in a way I've never done before and I failed miserably :(!!! And I haven't filled in my brows in a while so they look super intense... and they definitely need to be plucked! haha

This is a really clear picture so I thought I'd throw it in! ^_^ My nose is really small.. or I guess the bridge of my nose is really small?!?!

Here's a close up of the eyemakeup (friday/museum/drinking night). I tried to put the dark shadow on the inner and outer corners of the eyes and put the lid color smack in the middle! I have to figure out this technique.. eek! Probably mess with makeup more tomorrow :) I used my crushed metals pigments in stacked! 3 from MAC's Spring Colour Forecast collection.

This picture was from Saturday night! I wore this to work and didn't use liquid eyeliner but replaced it with my MUFE aqua eyes instead and omg, it worked like a charm! No smudging, no flaking, no smearing! At first when I tried this I didn't like it that much but I'm glad I gave it another try :) Yeah, I was really diggin` purples this month!


And lastly, here's a sneak peek at my upcoming giveaway! I am planning to split up the prizes because it's just a giveaway and honestly there's not much effort you need to put into it so the grand prize doesn't need to be enormous right?! :)

I'm giving away products I've tried and love and luckily bought extras of so I can share with my lovely readers! I just gotta figure out which I'm gonna split up and what going with what. Steph and Linda wants to do three prizes but I'm not sure I have enough prizes for that LOL! ^_^

Let me know if you'll want to participate because I've been gone from the {active} blogging scene for about a month or more now and I and totally not sure if people still tune into this little blog.. LOL!

And I want to include a picture of my vanity area I'm trying to organize and clean up.. GAH! I need some serious help girls! Someone fly over here and fix this mess! LOL

Click the image to enlarge and to get clear-er reading of what I labeled. There's more nonsense 2.5feet over but I won't bore you with that since it's mostly a big pile of clothes mixed with some stuff I am sending out lol! Don't worry, I keep all my stuff I send out in a ziploc bag so it doesn't get mixed up with my personaly stash :) I think that's the only organized thing about me ^_^

Goodnight! Time to do some CHEMISTRY.. *TEARS*



  1. I love the intensity of the brows. It's not at all bad so keep doing it. I am loving the makeup. and holy cow.. that's a ton of lashes! I have 4? haha. feel better!

  2. Whoa.. love the vanity! Dang. Thats a lot of makeup! Love it!!! Can't wait for your giveaway. Thanks.

  3. you look so pretty I love ur eyebrows!!

  4. I like pics of messy rooms. makes me feel better when it's messier than mine. haha, that's cool you labeled all your stuff. it makes it easier for me to be nosey when I click in to the see the picture larger. weird but when I read your drawer that said undies I thought it said "fun dies"

    I never went inside that museum but I walked around it. asian art just doesn't really interest me.

    btw, I think you should do 2 prizes not 3. :P

    I still liked your makeup even if you didn't. I didn't even notice you had no falsies until I took a second look.

  5. you look so pretty lindah, what lipstick are you wearing? it's a great combo with the eye color, very nice!

  6. Love your makeup, so pretty!

    And OMG I need to organize my junk as well. It's a hot mess I tell ya...HOT MESS! :/

    I'll enter your giveaway. :) It does look like you can possibly split everything up for 3 prizes. Just find what works for you.

  7. oh my geeeeeeeeeeeee. I love that makeup on you!!!! I want to just take it off and put it on me. LOL. Yeah, eyebrows is a little too intense c[= oh wellzy. Dude, eyebrow tutorial!? I need to get mine done... *sad face* I want my mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. lol.

    So I'm wondering, what kind of car does he drive? Does he love his baby more than you? lol. I say 3 winners and I'm sticking with it! That's a whole lot of giveaway gifts! lol..... at least 2? Maybe one grand winner and the others get like two items or something. lol.

  8. haha atleast you have a vanity table! I have none so my make up stash is all over the place :) looks like you have enough falsies to last you awhile!

    love your fotd, I have a small (bridge) nose too, it's so annoying when I have to wear glasses or sunglasses because it always slides off

  9. you need a room especially for makeup LOL you have ALOT!!

  10. I don't mind messy vanity as long as I have that much makeup as you do....

  11. I'm loving purple too these days! That's a cute look. And nothing is wrong with your nose, you r gorgeous!

  12. i love your makeup! i tried that technique today after seeing it in an ad : ) course we're interested in your giveaway girl!

  13. I love the EOTD, I always loved purple ^_^. I tried to do a purple EOTD last week , haven't posted it yet. Got quite busy the past weeks to read, comment on blogs and do some posts ^_^

    Your makeup area is a lovely mess ahaha. Lovely lovely, everything is makeup yummy :)

    Will watch out on your giveaway :)

  14. girl I dunno why u didn't like your makeup or your eyebrows because I think you look great here.

    I have to agree with Steph when I see a messy room, i feel a little better because my makeup collection is overriding my desk as well haha. Great post Lindahhhhhhh

  15. Linda! I gotta ask - what the heck were ten people drinking out of the same straw for?!!! LOL. Were you all sharing one drink? Or one straw..?
    I hope you feel better though! My girlfriend is sick, my Dad is sick, my other friend has strep throat. Some bug's going around.
    I love the pink/plum look you did!I haven't opened my MAC Stack 3 pigments yet but I'm getting to it this weekend :)
    Wow, I want that overflowing box of eye lashes LOL (jk).
    Yah about Dale, he's just a friend to me but I think he cares a bit more than I do. He'll come around :)


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