05 February 2010


Hello my blogger babes &&& WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS! :P

AH.. I have started the 3rd week of school off bad :( I didn't make it to my art class today... and we had a quiz...... that doesn't get dropped! I slept early, I studied, and then my alarm didn't go off right this morning :( I'm just so frustrated! BLAH, whatever! I'll go do all the extra credit and try to ace it that way x(


So today's post is dedicated to the Revlon PhotoReady Foundation. I bought this on sale at CVS (buy one get one free) and lucky I did! I am in between shades. The shades I have are:
  • 008 Golden Beige
  • 009 Rich Ginger
Golden beige looks good when I don't have any flash photography on.. but when the flash comes on, BAM! Soooo much white cast looking so I assumed it was too light so I exchanged the other bottle I bought and got the darker shade to mix it.

I know this has product been around the blogosphere (and I've seen it everywhere I go now so it's 100% available) and I've gotten it quite a while ago and now I feel like I can do an official review :)

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation
What is it:
A foundation that looks great no matter the setting or the lighting!

What it does:
This lightweight, non-greasy foundation by Revlon goes on smooth to hide your imperfections. It has light coverage, but is builable for a more full coverage.

What else you need to know:
Contains sunscreen (SPF20).

Price: $13.99
Size: 1 fl oz.
Where to buy: Drugstores, Ulta, Supercenters, anywhere they sell Revlon!

Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5
Repurchase? Yes, if I ever finish it -_-

Comes with a very convenient pump! You can really control the amount that comes out ^_^ I can even make like a DROP come out, and that's really hard to do with my other foundations! :D (well, I don't even think it's possible with the other foundies lol)

I usually do a half and half mix, but I find that on some days it's too dark but it's okay, it's not noticeable unless you're all up in my face! :X

Here's the two colors blended in. I used a QTIP so it's not totally evenly distributed, plus I did this with the power out next to a candle! LOL.. I'm that devoted :)

I must say that there's shimmer in this foundation! I don't recommend it if you have visible pimples/bumps/cystic acne! I think it will definitely highlight it by catching the light, but I mean it's not too noticeable, but when I was in the stark sunlight, I was looking at my face and I kinda felt like Edward Cullen! LOL, but please note that I was kinda all up in my face too. But from afar you can see little shimmers.

I also included some pictures of me test driving it :D Still doesn't look like an exact color match, BUT my neck is indeed darker than my face AND my chest area.. weird?!?! Ehh, I think not! I have SPF from my makeup/moisturizer and then I usually wear t-shirts so then my neck is the only one getting the tan on :P

With flash there's still a white-ish cast to it. It covers up my acne scarring pretty well on my cheek so that's why I only showed this side! It's my most uneven side :P

A little blurry without flash, but it was very hard to pull off and get the same (almost) exact shot! LOL :X I think it leaves my skin flawless with a dewy finish ^_^

The above pictures were taken around 2pm before I was about to go to work.. I guess it was that day I was horsin` around with my camera and got tons of stupid stuff done I never posted LOL :D

This picture is after I got home from work which should be around 11pm. So basically about 9 hours later after working in a restaurant?! Not bad right?! I see some fading on the acne coverage but overall it held up pretty well on my skin and I usually like to touch my face during the day :X Yes, it's bad but oh well, whatever! If I get acne, then I get acne... I'll just have to deal with it but I'm still complaining! LOL ^_^

  • Relatively inexpensive for a foundation
  • Did not cause any breakouts for me
  • Medium coverage (the way I apply it)
  • Buildable coverage in areas you need it. For example, my cheeks I can layer another layer without it looking cakey or gross
  • Lasts me a whole work day
  • Dewy finish, not too matte, but not too much sheen
  • Washes off easily, unlike their colorstay foundation!
  • No funky scent like their colorstay either ^_^
  • Pump doesn't get clogged like my MAC studio fix fluid :T
  • Has micro-shimmers in it that may accentuate bumps
  • SPF may give you a white cast
  • Minimal shade selection. For example, I am MAC NC 40 and I wear the darkest two shades!
  • Accentuates dry spots so make sure you exfoliate your face gals!
Overall, I really like this foundation. I have a ton of foundations I alternate through so it'll last me a while :) Go give it a try (from CVS) and if you don't like it just return it LOL! That's what I would do ^_^

Hope you girls enjoyed my review but I know I am on a roll with this and hopefully you girls don't mind me posting these detailed reviews for the next week or so :X I gotta get these posts out of the way before I forget about them ^_^... you have to know what I mean! LOL


I am having a giveaway coming up.. I know the end date but I don't know when I will start it?! I am almost up to 300 followers so maybe another week or two?!?! LOL but first I got to round up the prizes! It's not gonna be huge, because if it's a huge prize I would want to throw a contest but I wanna save that for the summer since everyone won't be so wound up with school and hopefully has time for it :( ahh.. whatever. Just keep on following to know about the giveaway! :D

NEXT WEEK, I am going to concentrate on my classes more and improve my crappy grades @_@.. Tomorrow night I am planning to read my books.. and then continue reading the rest of the weekend. KILL ME NOW! LOL, but I really want to get an A this semester so I am gonna try so hard.. but I will probably end up with a B because my slacker side of me gets the best of me 85% of the time!

Have a good night everyone! I really appreciate your comments & everything, but I usually don't have time to comment back until I get a day "off" from worrying about grades. GOSH MY HAIR IS GOING GRAY THOUGH!

ahhh.. Goodnight all!



  1. Looks good on your skin. :)
    Just wish we had that here in the Phil. :\

  2. It looks good on your skin woman! I actually like it. lol. What eye liner did you use in that photo? hmm, another week? Why don't you just wait until after Asian New Years? lol. I'll be doing the same. study, read.... more crap to deal with at school >.<

  3. Thanks for the review! Looks great on you :D Been hearing a lot about the shimmers. But I still wanna try it!

  4. I've heard so much about this foundation! I think it looks good, and honestly I think a little shimmer doesn't hurt anybody! lol. I think when I go to work on Monday, I will stop by CVS to see if I can pick this up. Unless I get held up at work, and don't leave till late.

  5. i didn't like this foundation for my skin, but i'm glad it worked out for you!

  6. your skin look flawless with this foundation. but i don't foundation with shimmer. i think i will look like a disco ball cause my skin is so oily :D

  7. Looks good on you!


  8. Oh I hate when that happens! Sleeping in when you studied! You need 2 alarms girl!

    Shimmers in a foundation is not for me..but I love a glow. Does this manage that well?

  9. have been checking this foundation...I just have difficulty in choosing what shade I'm going to be...

  10. I've slept in so many times and missed all sorts of tests and even deadlines for handing in assignments (eek!). But good luck with your studying. A "B" grade in my books is still really good and takes a lot of work to get :)
    You do really great reviews Linda. I haven't check out Revlon foundation racks at my local pharmacy yet as I just finished my Revlon Colourstay (which I loved). I like how this one has a pump. I don't recall ever getting a BOGOF for Revlon foundation here (our sales suck) but I'm gonna check it out!

  11. I'm liking this foundation too! It's definitely good stuff but not HG material to me yet, I still have lots of other ones to try :)

    Yay for a giveaway, I am due for one soon too but so hard to pick out what to give :/ Good luck your schooling, it sounds so stressful! I am glad I am out of school but the working world sucks too!

  12. Awe! Hate when my alarm doesn't go off.. Sucks you didn't make it..

    And thanks for the review.. I've been wondering if I should get this or not.. I don't use a lot of foundation, but I like trying them.

  13. Beautiful! I like the dewy effect it gives you.

  14. Lmao @ all up in your face. I always say that too!! Haha. I keep hearing about this foundation!! It looks great on you. I love your posts, I really like how you review every product in detail because it's really helpful. :D & I like your comments because you write a long heartfelt one instead of a one liner haha. I guess I talk a lot so in turn I like to read a lot as well LOL. =X
    **random** Are you Laotian? If you are, that's awesome because I'm part Laotian. :D I think I read somewhere that you are but I don't remember. The first time I started following you I thought you were Filipino hehe. Good luck with your classes & kick butt!! I'm sure you'll do well. :)

  15. You look great Linds, the foundation looks good on you. ^_^

    And yay for giveaways, I'm gonna be joinin' for sure.

    I tagged you BTW, it's a lucky Chinese Tag. It's supposed to bring good luck to those people bein' tagged lol ^_^

    Have a happy weekend !!

  16. thanks for the review.. so this is the new HG status Revlon foundation that everyone was talking about :P
    anyway, since you gave it sucha high rating.. I think I might consider of getting it already. =)

  17. I've been hearing so many raves about this foundation and how comparable it is to most higher end brands.

    Thanks for the review, it was much useful in helping me decide whether or not to buy it :)

    Happy (early) Valentine's day sweetie!

  18. That's a nice review! I think I might check it out next time I'm in my local drug store. You said it casts some sort of shimmer to your face? Is it super NOTICEABLE? I wanna see if I would be able to use this during the warmer months of spring/summer. Thanks! :D

  19. wow you have really nice skin. And hmm That foundation looks good and yeah it's a huge bottle! lol! I'm sure your grades aren't that bad, anyways it really doesn't matter what you get in school as long as it's mediocre. I failed a class and got a good half a dozen Cs overall and I still got a job... haha sucka to the company! jk

  20. It looks great on yoU! Thanks for the review - i've been wanting to get this to use for an everyday sorta foundation for work.. cause i'm not really liking my MUFE HD...

    so thanks for this! I wonder if i'm in between shades too.. hmm :)

    i seen this at Target for $9.99 so i'm dfinitely gonna get it!


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