11 February 2010


Hello lovely ladies!

I have been SWAMPED with school. Studied my ass off all weekend and then took my test on Tuesday and ended up with a 71 :( Chem 2 is SUPER hard! Like forreal... but it's kinda my fault too that I waited until last minute to look at the homework but the class average was a 69. Highest grade was 101, lowest was a 13 O_O!!!! So I honestly think I did okay especially with what some of my buddies got.. LOL!

School got canceled tomorrow because it SNOWED in Texas.. AGAIN!! OMG, this is like the most miraculous year ever? o_O But school didn't get canceled today though so I had to drive through the snow :( It was scary because I couldn't reverse out of the parking lot and everyone parked hella crazy! hahaha, I was so scared because I LOVE to drive fast. I guess I was still driving somewhat fast for today's weather?!?!


But anywho, today's post is going to be about SAD! No, this is not being sad on Valentine's Day, but single available day :) I know, I know, what do I know about this? Well, I didn't have a boyfriend all of my life! I am VERY fortunate to find someone to fall in love with at such a young age but honestly I was one of those kids that really wanted to fall in love. I guess it was all those chick flicks I watched and probably the age difference between my sister and I. (She's 28 in october and I was young when she had her romances :P)

b.liv by Cellnique is hosting a giveaway for valentines day! For more information and how to enter, just check out their website! :)


Being single on Valentine's Day shouldn't be a bad thing, well maybe when you hit your 60s and you've never had a valentine. V-day to me isn't really important. I don't like to get flowers because they die anyway, but chocolates are more than welcomed :) My boss and I have always had this talk on our idea of Valentine's day. We think it's a waste of money. It's just a holiday that Hallmark made famous to rob men out of their money and make them look bad if they don't do anything for their girl. For me, it's more of the thought that counts.

If you've been on blogtv with me, you know that my boyfriend got me some things I've really wanted for Vday :) It's not really the material things, because I was gonna buy that myself anyway, but the fact that he put thought into it! I would be happy if I got a handmade card LOL! Honestly girls, you may think no one notices you but trust me you are wrong!

There's always gonna be someone admiring you from far away. I remember in 8th grade when I was single I was an attention whore. I still am today but I guess I don't care as much LOL.. Until I hit my sophomore year of highschool, I never knew that there were so many guys that were interested in me! They were just too shy to ever ask me out.

So girls, you never know who's interested in you! Just don't let yourselves go :) Or they might go and go admire someone else, LOL! Keep yourself cute, and don't be a bitch! I had a very positive outlook on life and the more positive you are, the more happy you'll be! ^_^


BTW, I got a haircut! Linda already knows because she got my phone number :P You can't see much detail in the picture, but I didn't have much shape to it before this. I will take a better picture of it later when it's styled LOL! Right now it looks like shit since I was rolling around on the bed xD haha!

All right, now I'm gonna go and plan tomorrow's post since I'm not doing too much tonight! ^_^



  1. It just started snowing here! =D

    Cute new hair cut.

  2. School is hard right now for me too! I have an exam next week. Ugh.

    It's still snowing over there? It actually rained on Tuesday over here.

    Your haircut looks cute! Can't wait to see more of it!

  3. I'm still laughing at the alice wonderland palette. hahaha. I don't even celebrate Valentines Day! I don't see anything special... it's like a day for guys to double check and be a little romantic or something?

    Cute haircut woman! I'm thinking about cutting my bangs a little short tomorrow. lol. I got your phone number because you didn't want to email and rushed out the door to go get that haircut! lol. well well well, now you have mine too.

  4. oh yeah, before I forget... blogtv tomorrow night dear =]

  5. Cute cut.. Awe! Snow! I want to go see some snow! haha. And blah for school. HAHA. Have a great weekend!

  6. you have some good advice there for the single folks! i'd like to add that love always seems to appear when you don't look for it hahahaha

    school is kickin my buns too! good luck to us...

  7. cute haircut! haha you guys exchange numbers? oooh jealous! lol

    the name is so contradicting s.a.d day haha why can't they think of a more better sounding name?

  8. Wow you have bangs Linds ^_^. It's so cool to be snowing in Texas. I hope it'll snow here in Manila too ^_^. In my dreams lol ^_^

  9. nice haircut there! I'm SAD on Valentine's day too... :(


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