12 September 2010


Howdy! So I participated in the secret angel/secret devil gift exchange this summer hosted by Linda. Lucky me I got Steph as my secret angel.

Of course she's an angel, what else could she be?! She was super sweet to get me some things that I've been wanting to get for the LONGEST time ever but I just never got to buying them. I was super stoked to get the package that I opened it at work! LOL!

Lily of France satchel! That's a bra brand, am I correct?! lol, angel with a seductive side :P okay, just kidding.. I don't think that was what she was aiming for haha.

The packaging was soooooo pretty! All the cooks were watching me open all these goodies.. lol, they're probably like what?! MORE makeup.... are you serious?!

I got my MAC brush cleanser and NARS oasis blush! She also had a card... but it didn't make it into this picture :( Steph also threw in a white peach hi-chew! That shit was the BOMB.. but of course it's all gone by now lol

See how precise her packaging is?!?! I was too amaze.. but from previous things I've gotten from miss Steph, her packaging is always the best! ^_^

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I can finally stop window shopping when I go to look at these items in the store! xD haha.. oh you're the best!

Goodnight for now! I have some swap items to post up next :D



  1. oh my buddha! it's sooo PRETTYYYY! She probably is a seductive angel. lol. Yay for the gifts =]

  2. Yeah, seductive angel sounds right hehe! Glad everything arrived intact and glad you love it! <3 You noticed the wrapping! I LOVE wrapping presents so it's cool you noticed the details :D

  3. that is awesome packaging! lol im inspired for Christmas already

    such a sweet gift!

  4. Pretty packaging & awesome gifts! : )

  5. haha seductive angel....oooohh weee, steph has a naughty side! the packaging looks gorgeous! the MAC brush cleanser is the BOMB diggity i swear, and hi chew are the shizz! Btw, you're items came safely. I LOVE THEM TO DEATH LINDA!! thank you thank you thank youuu soo much!

  6. wow her wrapping is so neat and pretty! def puts my package to shame lol I want everything you got now, time to add more to my never ending wish list :)

  7. Steph's packaging is really neat! LOL at seductive angel :D


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