23 September 2010


Hello lovelies! I'm going to show you the newest addition to my family today! (Not my kiddo.. but I'm the auntie lol)

Here's Mr. Andrew Arthur S.! This is him on his second day in this world.. he's such a cutie!

I can gladly say I haven't changed any of his diapers yet LOL.. not planning to for a while. He doesn't even like it when I try to feed him so I don't try changing his diapey.. HE MIGHT PEE ON ME!

That's his father and him. super cute but a little dangerous because they're sleeping on the couch while the mommy finally got to party!!

Anywho, enough of this celebration of the kiddo... onto the makeup parts of this blog :P Here's some looks I've done and have been sitting on my camera. I finally get to post them up ^_^

In the photo above, we were getting ready to go to Fat Daddy's in downtown Fort Worth for a night out. Coincidentally there was the Beastie Boys Tribute Band performing that night. HAHA, those old guys shoulda been home sleeping or something!

But enough making fun of them, I was really digging the red lip. I'm wearing the L'oreal Infallible Lipcolour in Beyonce. OMG... it's so GORGEOUS!! I want to go get a backup or two of it because I take like 3 years to apply it and it might get dried out before I can finish the tube :(

Okay, this look is from the same day but just wearing a different lip color. I REALLY love the lipstick I'm wearing! Can you gals guess what shade it is?? :) Well, in case you're wondering.. it's MAC Jazzed Lipstick! It's sooo pretty but I'm sorry I'm telling you this now because you can't really find it anymore :(

I wore this the other day when I went to pick up my paycheck. One of the homies was like.. "ooh, I like your makeup! It's blue right?" I was like.. thanks at first then I'm like are you blind little dude?! It's BLACK.. lol. Can you believe that the eyemakeup (excluding mascara) in this look was less than $5!? Man.. it was actually less than $4.50 LOL.. More about that in an upcoming post ^_^

And I'm also super bronzed in the look because of the NARS Orgasm Illuminator or whatever it's called. I mixed it in with my foundie and this was the result! It's really glowy in person but DAMN, I don't wanna look super bronzed too :( I usually just add it to the higher planes of my face now :D

OKAY.. I have a temptu airbrush session I got done the other day! OMG.. when the friends and family sale comes around, that's where my cash is going! ^_^ That ishh is amazingggg! I'm seeing tons of makeup collection posts going around so that's really inspiring me to actually getting to posting my pictures... plus I've got a tag from Linda to do which I think I'm actually going to do right this time and tag people.

Time to continue BONES now.. toodles for now!



  1. yeahhh, you're actually going to do my tag woman!

    Awww, he's such a cutieee

  2. awww cute baby!!! i love ur eye look on the last photo :D

  3. love the red lip

    and the cute baby : ) : )

    please tell us all about the airbrushing!

  4. Aww, the baby is adorable!!!!!! And for being 2 days old, he is gorgeous!!

    Love the bold red lip on you. Suits you for sure :)

  5. Cute little baby!!
    You rock those lippies! :D

  6. The red lip looks gorgeous on you! I have to buy it because it looks amazing!

  7. Too cute!!! And you're a cute aunt. Love the makeup.

  8. Aww cute baby.

    I was scrolling through and reading your post and I saw your eyes in the first FOTD, scrolled down some more and BAM. It looks really good! Werk it gurl ;)

    I wanna know more about this $4.50 make-up look!

  9. absolutely love the red lip! I wrote it down so I can buy it!

  10. Love the pink lips and congratulations on your new nephew he is cute

  11. Oh my gosh, how precious <3 I absolutely love babies ;D

    And you look beautiful hun~! :)

  12. lindah!!!! do it!! do a dita von teese makeup. It would super cool.


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