07 September 2010


HOLY CRAP! Its been almost two weeks! I was going to post last week but I got really busy and life got in the way... yeah :) but here I am now! I actually have another couple of posts planned so hopefully I'll have time to type it up! ^_^

I tried doing a gradient nail design the other day! :D I actually took this picture like 2-3 days later as you can see my nail is already growing out! :(

What do you think? I used all sephora by opi nail polishes. No clue on the names but if you really wanna know just ask and I'll look! lol

Here's all my MAC goodies I hauled from fabulous felines! I was really looking forward to this collection but it was sorta meh... I spent a lot only because I got the quad, pigments, and blushes! The eyeliners were AMAZING... but where in the hell would I wear colored eyeliner?!?! Well I mean I would, but how often would it occur? lol but anywho, I'll maybe go back for the black, purple, blue, silver, and gold.. we'll see :)

So here's the quad I got! It's the palace pedigreed quad I was loving the swatches on temptalia but I guess on my skintone and undertone they just don't work :( This is going back to mac and I'll probably exchange it for something in a newer collection ^_^ Smart ehh?

Above is utterly game mineralized blush. It's soooo pretty! Below is pet me mineralized blush. It's also gorgeous :P

I guess I just fell in love with blushes since I finally figured out how to apply them :P

The pigments I got were Lithe, Antique Green, and Bloodline. All were LE so I just went ahead and grabbed these first since the permanent ones will be there for a while.

Lithe is LOVE.... I love that color! Bloodline turned out looking better than I had anticipated. I'll post up my look I did with it later but for now just trust me :)

And these were from the Jin Soon Choi F/W '10 nail polish launch. I purchased Earthly Harmony and Jade Dragon. (that's what they're called right??) Both are gorgeous because one is muted which is how I like my nail polishes and the other one is like a tealish glitter inside :D BEAUTIFUL!!!

Well, that concludes my hauls for now.. I'm gonna post up my secret angel/devil by Friday because LINDA is so anxious to read it! I was so excited because no one told me I had mail so the next morning I was like WTF I GOTTA GO TO WORK! So I go eff this, I'm taking this to work with me LOL... man those guys at work were like... why the hell you taking pictures of makeup for?!?! xD

OKAY, goodnight everyone! I got some friends over now ^_^



  1. Yay for new palettes! LOL at the colored eyeliners :p I know I would never sport a green eyeliner... It would look so odd. LOL The MAC blushes are gorgeous!! :)

  2. Yay for MAC haul! I'm going to be visiting MAC very soon! I'm in love with their pigments!

  3. durrrr, who wouldn't be anxious to see it? Plus, you're suppose to make a blog post for it anyways! lol at the story of taking it to work! your makeup collection is just growing and growing and growing...

  4. The gradation nail design is so pretty! Awesome MAC haul btw, the palette looks great :D

  5. Aww your nails are pretty! I love gradiant nails, and even on short nails, it elongates them (=


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