14 September 2010


YO! :) So this post sounds like one FOTD... but actually there's two! ^_^ I was feeling a little edgy one day before class so I decided to use my MAC Night Violet that I purchased from style black last year. It's gorgeous... but vampy colors are too edgy to wear out for me lol.

Sorry about the MASK.. it really looks crazy because I've tanned so much this summer (unintentionally of course!) that my foundie looks crazy! I should've attacked it with my beautyblender... but I didn't realize it until the pictures were uploaded :( SORRY EVERYONE! I hate seeing people with different faces and necks LOL..

Here it is.. again excuse my face/neck! *doh..

I wish I wore some falsies with this look! GRR.. oh well.

dark lipsticks with cool undertones makes your teeth look brighter ^_^

I took off the lipstick since I was about to go to class and slapped some lipbalm on and this was the result! ^_^ stained lips.. they looked like MAC's most popular in my opinion.


Here's my soft smoky pink look :) I was playing around with the MERCURIAL MES I got from the look in a box. Color is super gorgeous! I thought it would've turned out more purpley than pink but I guess it's not a color I have in my collection so it all worked out. Let me tell you though.. fall out was crazy!

I also did this look before class and wanted to try the "no upper lash liner" look. temptalia always sports it so I decided to and I think she pulls it off WAYY better! lol, if only my lashes were full and lush :(

I'm also wearing my NARS Oasis blush that steph got me! ^_^ so gorgeous BUT I overapplied at first and it took forever to blend out! lol, be careful with these NARS blushes... they're hella pigmented.

On my lips I'm wearing Bare Escentuals Buxom lipstick in amsterdamn and I topped it off with their buxom lipgloss in dolly. SUPER pretty and natural! For some reason the lipstick is minty too ^_^ ... oh and that sheen on my face is the stupid MES fallout! lol

That's it for now! I think I'm getting the hang of blogging again :P



  1. Loooove it Lindah! OMG My favorite is the first look with the bold purple berry lips. You really pulled it off!

    and you can't even tell the mask until you pointed it out :)

  2. Love the looks! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. really cool lipstick = ]
    but of course my favorite are the eyes in your second look!!
    i may be inspired to put on some purple...

  4. omg u look sooo good with the dark lips!! i've been obsessed with dark lipsticks lately. :) gorgeous as always!

  5. I am LOVIN the dark lips girl!!! You look so polished and pretty! :)

  6. You and your dark lipsticks.. lol. at first, I thought you went emo! But you didn't of course. I like your gray long sleeve! I prefer you with the softer look but the darker one for once in awhile is pretty hot ;]

  7. both eyes & lips look gorgeous!! you didn't even need falsies like u said... it was totally fine without... =)

  8. Ooohhh I love both looks especially the first one!!

  9. I love the soft pink smokey look :D. Your skin looks flawless!!

  10. oh you're so pretty! I like the 2nd lip color on you. Your skin is so flawless!

  11. Wow! Those bold berry lips look amazing on you!!! Great idea!


  12. You are so gorgeous!! Vampy make up or no vampy make up, i love it!!! You can pull out any make up IMO :D I love how you do your eye make up too!! You should start do tutorials :D

  13. Wow! I like this look on you actually. You pulled it off girl. I think you can pull off any bold colors. I think it brings out your eyes. Beautifulll I loveee it =).

  14. OMG! I love the Lippie color on you (first fotd) I agree its pretty daring but I think you pulled it off!


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