13 December 2010


Hello girls! My, oh my has it been a minute! I've got great news :)... well great for me but I don't know about you. My mom just got out of surgery today and this is the last week of the fall semester so after this week I'm going to be so relieved and not stressed anymore! *PHEW* Also, I am not taking any wintermesters this year so I'll have some time for real updates (hopefully).

I will start you off with a picture of me & my boyfriend. We were at one of my girlfriend's birthday dinner on the freezing cold rooftop! That was a CRAZY night. My friends (2) got high, my other friend (1) had a hit and run.. on her fault, my other other friend (1) got mistaken identity for causing a fight, then my other other other friends (5) got their car searched. LOL, it was a fun but crazy night and my boyfriend got super drunk and threw up everywhere and I got harassed by some dude. GROSS... Anyway, here we are before all the alcohol! ^_^

I'm wearing Kat Von D Painted Lipstick in.... (forgot the name but it's a slightly deep red). Lasting power is very good and I only had to touch up after dinner from the pesto I had and then one time at the club! It was a little drying but that might be because I didn't apply any gloss over it and I tried not to lick my lips so that it'll last longer, lol.


I recently picked up the Wet&Wild holiday palettes. I had to go to 2 different Walgreens to find these and I got the last ones! :D I already own the four other palettes they have so I knew these were super pigmented before I even bought them. These are well-worth the $4.99 I spent and apparently my Walgreens didn't keep the 50% sale because it was "limited edition". GRR, what the fuck!! Whatever though it was still really cheap :)

Sugar Plum Fairy Palette & Violet Eyeliner

Snow Sprite Palette & Silver Eyeliner

Night Elf Palette & Black Eyeliner

Golden Goddess Palette & Gold Eyeliner

Sorry there's no swatches! It was really hard to even photograph it with my shitty camera so I had to pass on posting up swatches at all. I'll be doing looks with these and probably get them posted in a month or so :) haha! I'll also go through my eyeshadow collection and see if they're dupes for any higher end shadows so maybe you can scoop 'em up before they're gone.

Hope you enjoyed this post! No one probably reads this anymore but if you do I hope this helps :)



  1. You know I'll be reading your blog posts! lol. Ohhh, Wet n'Wild eyeshadow palettes! I heard so much about these and heard about 50% off or something on all their items but apparently, all the Walgreens I'm close to didn't have that sale going on. Eww... you got harassed =[ Jon probably wanted to beat them up! If he wasn't so drunk and can stand on his two feet... crazy crazy night you had!

    Maybe we can tinychat again and you'll be able to see Teddy =D Stephanie got to. hehe. I'm done for this semester!

  2. so lucky you got a hold of those palettes! They are sold out over here :( By the way, you look so pretty. I love the red lips and the cute headband and omg what a crazy night. All that happened in one night? crazy!

  3. I can text!!! I just have limited text each month c[= I really want the Guess jacket that only VS sells it right now! Been debating on the purple or black but iuno... I just got another jacket with black/white print on it. hehe. Going back home soon. I'll tell you later about it. Study up woman! Me and Teddy are going to be on tinychat tomorrow night for a little bit so if you want, come chat with me for like 30 minutes =]

  4. ugh!! I am sooo jealous!! you're so lucky to have found these... I kept going back to my local Walgreens & Rite-Aid just to check if they have them... I thought they didn't, until I finally asked a sales person a few weeks ago & found out that they do have them, only they were placed separately in a seasonal shelf... it was already too late when I found out coz they only had one palette left... & it wasn't the one that I wanna get.... I so hate my self for not being able to get them... lucky girl!!! =)

  5. Yay for getting all those 4 palettes, the colors look beautiful :)

  6. I couldnt find those anywhere in my area :( CVS (or was it meijer) had a 50% sale at that time and I picked up some for other people but not for myself smh.wow that is some crazy night haha! hope u had a blast at least ;)

  7. Uhh, woman! I've been wondering where you been!

    And it sounds like you had an intense night, but I love that red on you, so glam ;)

    I keep hearing about those LE palettes but haven't seen them around me yet.

  8. I have Snow Sprite and I'm actually surprised by how wearable it is! Golden Goddess looks amazing!

  9. girl you guys are crazy! My walgreens only had about 1 or 2 of each set so that's awesome you found some. I was so pissed that they didn't give 50% off too! gah!I only picked up the purple one and the night elf one. I figured I wouldn't use the green and that I have lots of golds. Though if I see eotds then maybe i'll change my mind!

  10. man your make up is always perfect! and I love that bow inyour hair and how it matches your lipstick!

    btw I gave you a shout out on my blog today :) if I don't talk to you again before christmas have a merry christmas love!


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