29 March 2014

holy grail: MAC Fix+

I purchased this product whenever I first got into makeup. It was all the hype at the time and it was the only setting spray around at the time. Now there's millions of other setting sprays and vitamin-infused facial sprays on the market, yet the MAC Fix+ is still the apple of my eye.

MAC Fix+

You can purchase this anywhere you can find MAC products for $21. Yes, it's extremely pricey for a bottle of water with vitamins inside of it but I have my reasons, I swear! (I must say the price has consistently gone up through the years and I'm afraid the next time I run out it'll have jumped up another dollar!)

Let's take a walk through memory lane shall we?...

I remember when my acne first nearly cleared up, I would get an ugly dry ring around the blemish and even after moisturizing the heck out of the spot it would still show after applying makeup! It was SO annoying and I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix it.

Since it was still absurdly popular, YouTube gurus would always discuss tips on how to use it. I finally trucked through my drawer of piled up cosmetic products that may end up lost forever because I didn't obsess over it and found my bottle of fix+. The most recommended ways to use it was if your skin had a dry area, you can spritz it on a makeup brush and just stipple on. It worked wonders on the issue I had!

That was until the winter season arrived. My skin became extremely dried out and I just didn't know what to do! So I used my imagination and tried to figure out a solution to my new problem. What I did for the entire winter was spray my face before any makeup application but after my skincare routine and easy as that, I found a new way to use my spray.

Ever since, my skin is finally cooperating with the way I want it to feel, look, and behave. I haven't found any new creative ways to use it so occasionally when my face looks like I've over-powdered, I'll hold it about 12 inches away from my face and give it a few sprays. After being fully absorbed my face is dewy and flawless.

Even my male manager likes this... after trusting me with his dry skin patch problems. One time I got a text asking for the "holy water"!

Overall it's a great everyday setting spray and it really is a must have in my collection but if you need something to really hold your makeup together, I'm going to have to recommend the Urban Decay All Nighter... but that's another post on its own.

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