13 March 2014

NARS Laos Matte Multiple Review & Swatches

If you've been a long follower of my blog, thank you and it wouldn't surprise you that I would purchase this purely because the shade is "Laos." It holds value to me because Laos is the country  my parents migrated from. I've only been there once in my lifetime but I can say it feels like home!

NARS Laos Matte Multiple

At first I only saw the promotional details of the collection so I had no clue how accurate the shade descriptions were. So the other day I was wandering around in Sephora looking for a skincare product and ended up finding this guy. I was extremely happy that it really was pretty in real life!

You can purchase the NARS Matte Multiple for $39 anywhere you can find NARS products and from my understanding it'll be a permanent product! (So you don't have to blow all your money now. And yes you will blow all of your money because they are outrageously expensive!)

NARS Matte Multiple

The matte multiples contains 0.26 oz of product and the original multiples contains 0.50 oz. Originally I was pretty furious of this discovery but I couldn't be mad at Francois Nars because the matte multiples are richly pigmented compared to the original. My Orgasm is no where as pigmented even when it's being layered! Plus, I'll hit pan before expiration date said no makeup junkie ever. (Seriously though, don't kid yourself.)

NARS Laos Matte Multiple

Laos is described as a rose coral shade and in my opinion will look great on every skintone! Of course they will show up differently on different skintones but when blended properly, even the fairest of gals (and guys) should be able to pull it off!

NARS Laos Matte Multiple in Natural Daylight

I'll have a full face photo for you another day with *another* product I want to share with you! Pinky promise you'll wait and won't be mad at me? I mean, I've kept my promises so far on posting all these goodies I've purchased since the New Year!

Will talk soon everyone! Promise...

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