14 December 2009


Oops! Sorry I didn't get a chance to select the winner on Saturday night! I went out to the club for a change :D

So here's the line up. There were some I wasn't sure about but I just went ahead and threw them in there LOL..

1) Diane
2) Clara
3) Amy
4) Verina
5) Gaby
6) April
7) Linda
8) Chomsiri
9) Ems
10) Jaclyn Rose
11) Phoebe
12) Denysia
13) Jenn

So the winner is Ems! :) I'll be contacting you to get your shipping address! ^_^



  1. hmm clubbing, haven't done that in a minute! i want your shisem lashes!! hahahah

    oh btw sent out your package today, holla when u get 'em!

  2. clubbing with those go-go girls you talked about? LOL.

    Congrat. the girl who won! lol. Maybe you should have "please enter me" and then explain the thing out so you know whose in and whose out. LOL.

  3. Congrats to the winner! This mascara is definitely amazing(=

    Aww I miss clubbing so much!

  4. Congratz to the winner , It has my name on it waaaa. Hope it's me lol ^_^

  5. I miss Clubbing =)

    Congrats to the Winner! <3

  6. LOL the flash exposes everyyything!!
    now that you mention it, it does look purpley to me..hmm


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