27 November 2009


Here's the look I wore out yesterday! :) I actually wore it out on tuesday also, but I didn't get to take a picture of it and so I recreated it for yesterday ^_^ The colors are kinda faded since I didn't get a chance to take the picture before I left since we were LATE.

The theme is "thanksgiving" hence my blog post title. I used a peachy color, cranberry, and brown. I think those colors SCREAM thanksgiving and fall and I'm SURE that most of you would agree lol :D

It turned out better the first time because I spent more time on it, but this is just as good :P

Like my clumpy mascara?! :D It's time to hit the trash.. but I was hoping to review it first, but now it's so clumpy I'm just not sure? xD

My eyelashes have been weird the past week, the right eye (left side of this picture) is going in all sorts of directions and the left eye (right side on this picture) is just the way I want it to be.. ehh! What a BITCHHHH...

Also, the colors started to crease this time around also :P I put too much nyx jumbo pencil on and you all know that creases like there's no tomorrow!

Tried to contour my face, can you tell? I recently purchased something that REALLY helps with it! ^_^

- Make Up For Ever HD Primer in Pink
- Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation in Medium M2
- Smashbox Pressed Powder/Bronze Lights Duo in Medium/Dark
- NARS Blush in Orgasm
- NARS Highlighter/Blush Duo in Hungry Heart
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Orange
- MAC Fresh Cut Palette (just a peach color, red/cranberry color, and a brown color)
- MAC Solar White Eyeshadow
- Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Vintage Lace
- MAC Penultimate Liquid Liner
- Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero
- Maybelline Pulse Perfection
- Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss in Kirk
- YSL Rouge Volupt Lipstick in 13 Peach Passion (tapped on for a sheer coverage)

There's a lot of products.. I probably had like a bazillion layers on my face! haha, but it didn't feel like too much, but I could tell there was layers.

The smashbox foundation is a touch too dark for me, but the powder was definitely too dark. Even the medium side! I don't know if I'm getting lighter or are these products getting too dark?!?!

I want to get this Tarte Foundation Set next. It's really yellow, and I'm really yellow so I think it'll match real well. I went to swatch it at the store and the medium matches me perfectly on my hand :D

I tried out the revlon colorstay foundation that a lot of people raved about, and it's really good, but I find that it has too much staying power and it really doesn't come off my skin.. eeekk! Not good so I stopped using it. I might use it with a primer that has a really silicon touch to it and see if it sinks into my skin as much. Hopefully not because I need to finish it! I got two bottles O_O (paid for one, and got the other free)

I need to get dressed now.. I've been sitting on my bed half nekkid for a while now because I'm procrastinating!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?

I had two, one on Wednesday with my family and one on Thursday with my boyfriend's family. Food was better on Thursday, but I think the atmostphere was wayyy better on Wednesday. I got a few pictures of Wednesday to post up, mostly the dog wearing a snuggie, but at least I got some! I haven't been real good at taking pictures of other people anymore.. LOL. I almost died from embarrassment from my Aunt looking through my camera. She was like OMG YOU GOT SO MANY PICTURES OF YOURSELF! I am going through my narcissistic stage right now. Everytime I pass by a mirror I have to look... even if I JUST looked in one. xD Does this ever happen to you?



  1. Looks pretty! Happy thanksgiving! :) My eyelashes are crazy too. one side goes in the same direction the other side is tad bit longer and goes in all directions ergghh

  2. Very pretty look! A snuggie for a dog??? Wow that's so cute! Can't wait to see those pictures!!

  3. Woohoo first comment. Love the theme it looks soo good. I wish I knew how to do makeup like you. Your so fantastic and I bet your a great lover too..what's your secret??? I bet your boyfriend is so lucky so he tells you he is everyday :)

  4. Hey Linda! I love your look esp your lipstick/gloss and the way you contoured your face ;)
    I really like my Revlon Colourstay foundation. I use the Neutrogena's Fresh Foaming Face cleanser and it seems to do the trick with getting it off at the end of the day(http://www.neutrogena.com/econsumer/ntg/productdetail.browse?segment=women&catId=1&subCatId=3&productId=30&target=/products/face/fresh-foaming-cleanser.jsp)
    Oh, Thanksgiving in Canada was in October and it was great - I spent it with my parents and had tons of good food! Yum!

  5. Love your make up, you look like a sex kitten ready to stuff her face with thanksgiving goodies hehe The YSL lippie really compliments your skin tone

    what are you using to contour? i've tried contouring but have failed miserably, i find it just makes me look darker than i already am so i skip it :/

    what is mascara is that? it does look a tad clumpy yikes! i can handle clumps but can't really handle flaking since i wear contacts, the one that flakes really kills me!

    lol about the camera, my bf said the same thing.. he looked through my camera and all the saw was pictures of me or my cheeks or like my eyes haha and i do sneak a peek in the mirror every time i pass it too...i do notice that some mirrors make u look better than others!

    glad you had a fun thanksgiving!!!

  6. Oh yeah, I have a couple of photos that I can not delete for the love of me! I just like keeping a back-up. Some people don't understand that, though!
    Gorgeous skin and makeup, hope your weekend is great!

  7. you look great!!! I love all of the colrs u sued..I went for an olive look...my thanksgiving was good & yummy!!

  8. i love ur fotd honey !
    the colors are so soft !hehehe
    btw make tutorials please !hhaha
    i never try extreme eotd like urs,mine always like mine !LOL
    mine only some color on the lid and brown on the crease.lol.
    and i want to know how u do the shading !haha

  9. Love your look!! You look hot!

    This is when I wish I was American so I can have turkey too... our Thanksgiving passed already. =(

  10. I don't know there is a look for thanksgivings too:)

  11. LOVE IT! So pretty. Your blush/contour/highlight looks lovely.
    I like Everyday Minerals foundation, I'm planning on buying a fullsized today.

    Thanksgiving was nice. I ate tons and felt extremely fat by the time it was 7PM. LMAO!

  12. hahahaha my camera is packed with photos of ME!!!! and i dont care coz its my camera lol

    I like the look you did. I did kind of a similar look but i forgot to take pics :/

    and lol on the revon colorstay foundation. It does do the job on staying on the skin.

  13. wah!!! you look super pretty, love the makeup :)

    lmao, about thn\anksgiving...pics of myself hahhaha yah that happens to me alot too, dont worry >_<

  14. Pretty look! Love the colors =) LOL I used to have lots of pix of myself on my cam, hated it when ppl would look thru it ><

  15. you looked beautiful honey :) happy thanksgiving :)

  16. wow you had so many thanksgiving dinners! And your look is great, love your lip and eyeshadow colors, def something you can wear everyday! hehe yeah I feel the same way about the circle lenses, and LOL who are you trying to lure in with your eyes.. you should have said "YOU!!" One thing I find them weird is that sometimes you can look to a certain direction but in the mirror your lens don't move with your eyes as much so it makes it look like your eyes are looking in 2 diff directions!! Did you end up seeing Twilight!??! :D


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