12 November 2009


Hello hello! :)

The long awaited super long haul post is here!! I'm not exactly sure how much I spent, and please don't ask, but I saved up for it! LOL, I loveeee to spend money during holiday season because I honestly think that's the best time to buy makeup :D They have the best deals and such! ^_^

This is from back in August 2009 when MAC came out with "Love that Look" collection.. or something like that? I never got to posting it because that's when life became really busy so better late than ever!

Outside of the box :D

Left to right.
Top: Smoke & Diamonds, Rated R
Bottom: Strike a Pose, Style Snob
(I'm pretty sure these are the right names, but they might not be since I don't really memerize the names LOL)

So here's everything I got from the Sephora Friends & Family Sale that just passed! :) I'm pretty satisfied with my purchases although none were really necessary haha xD

LORAC Double Booked Full Face Collection


The box is pretty huge, I was like O_O!! Because I saw it in store already and was like I don't remember it being that BIG!!

I like to keep it in the box so the actual casing doesn't catch dust since I haven't found room for it yet :P

I personally think it was better than last year's palette they came out with. But that's just my opinion.. I like it because it's already coordinated! ^_^

The other flap since it's "BOOK" style.. like you gotta turn the pages yaaah?

I'm already done a look with it, but I'll post a review up on another post with swatches and such and I'll show you the look I did :D

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II

I think it's the same size as last year's version.. I'm a really big fan of Urban Decay! I think I like them as much as MAC :)

Instead of whimsical things this year, they slapped in a little look book. It's cute I guess? Last year's was COOLER!

I think the little UDPP bottle is so adorable :) I will DEFINITELY take that with me when I sleep over at random places ^_^ This years color selection is kinda "mehhh" because there's more neutrals than colors, but none the less I still like it. There's also LESS chunky glitter shades!!

Givenchy Phenome'eyes Effet Extension & Gloss Interdit Set

Haven't tried it out yet since I have others to finish first, but I've really been wanting to purchase this mascara and I wanted to try out the lipgloss so why not get a sample to try out first?!?! :D

Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder

I saw that itsliz89 gave a good mini review on this so I went in stores to check it out! I really lovedd the way it made my hand look and I really don't like "silver" colored highlighters since they don't compliment my skin as well as gold undertones do :)

It comes with a little pink sponge, but I'm not gonna use it haha

I love the mirror :D It's like you read it everytime you open it and it boosts your self-esteem kinda thing!

NARS Blush in Angelika

I just wanted this since a lot of people have it! NOT EVEN GONNA LIE.. haha! But turns out I really like it :D Has chunky glitter when you look at it, but it doesn't really stick on your face as chunky glitter so that's good ^_^

That's all for my Sephora F&F haul.. onto my MAC Holiday Collection 2009 haul! :)

I pretty much wait for these holiday palettes, but this year was NOT impressive at all! I was actually pretty disapointed, I didn't get anything the first time I went. I didn't even swatch them.. lol! But I saw on temptalia the swatches and the colors with flash and stuff and I really did like some of the colors! So being the palette "collector" that I am, I just went and grabbed some before I would feel bad later that I didn't get it haha!

tacky design this year, YES!

Left to right.
Sorceress and Devil May Care (?).. devil may something..
Pigmentation is okay, I think for me I really need a base to get them to show up like I would want it. The size is what really makes me sad... they're so much smaller pans of eyeshadow than last years!! And gosh, the smokey one this year is like.. terrible o_O!! It looks almost the same as last years, but I think last years was better haha :)

BUT, the holiday kits (pigments, lipglasses) are pretty good this year in my opinion. Most of the colors are repromotes and permanent colors but that's a good way to start a pigment collection since you'll never use all of the full size anyway! I'll post that up later since I didn't get a picture of it yet since I'm trying to figure out where the heck I put them :X

I was really sad... I didn't get the photorealism quad... :( I kept seeing everyones looks and I was like man.. I missed out! Luckily my nordies still had a few left so I just picked it up!!

The only reason I didn't grab it instantly was because I had the warm eyes palette from last year and the greens just reminded me of these so I didn't get it.. but since someone bought it off my blog sale I totally have a reason to get this! haha XD

So this concludes it for the haul.. well actually I lied. I have a few more things but I want to post it with other things because I think it'll go better with it LOL.. And I have lots of homework to catch up on this weekend hopefully.. I don't think I'm going to drop any classes, I really want to drop my speech class because I'm not gonna get the grade I want to but I gotta duke it out!

I've been using Cellnique skincare items for almost a week now and so far it's been really good! I just can't believe I got results in a week o_O!!! I'll post up a review on it next week, but I know there's one item I can't review yet since it should only be used once a week so I'll do that one in a months worth of usage ^_^

Going to blog hop now.. eeek! I've been reading but dang, why didn't I leave a comment when I did?!?! I'm such a dumbass.. ha!



  1. love your haul!!! esp. the LORAC collection and the UD book of shadow!

  2. wow so many good stuff
    i love reading haul posts now since i can't buy anything. I used to window shop a lot in the mall but I don't even want to go to the mall anymore because im so tempted to pick up something while im there. So i guess i better just blog shop?! reading what others buy....lol

  3. god danggggg thats a lot but hey, you saved up for it, you deserve it!

    i cant wait to get my hands on urban decay!

  4. Wow, so much nice stuff! You should totally do swatches of some of this stuff! :)

  5. Awesome haul! I LOVE the color of Angelika, but was so hesitant about the glitter. Must...rethink about getting it again!

  6. Gosh! I'm totally jealous of your collective haul. I only got the Rated R from starflash but I want Style Snob as well. And that UD palette.. and Candlelight!! I want those!! Enjoy your stuff xxx

  7. that lorac palette is so beautiful !hehe
    yeah i used darker powder foundation to top my foundation.
    i have bronzer but i dunno which brush to use to apply bronzer whole face in this case
    maybe u can help me out?

  8. OMgosh that's alot of eyeshadows but I love it! We can never get enough shadows for sure! :P I have not bought any eyeshadows for a looooooooong time.. ahhahaha! I want new ones :P

  9. WHOAH, whatta haul !!! I luuuuvvvvv it ^_^. I love Smoke & Diamonds especially & Style Snob sigh ^_^

  10. Someone's been hauling! lol
    Okay so I decided NOW I want that Mineralize Blush in Conjure Up and that Sexy Shenanigans Set(maybe...still debating)!

    You're going to love Rose Taboo! I have a sample and it's a nice color. I think I want to buy a full-sized, but the last thing I need is more lipglosses. hehe.

  11. Whoa, what a haul! It's not even Christmas yet. lol. Are you participating in Black Friday? lol.

  12. now that's a haul post for ya! hehe great stuff

    you got so many stuff that i've been dying to try! the too face candle light powder just sounds so divine and i've been wanting that nars angelika too!

    for the mac holiday collection i have my eyes on the devil may something palette haha and their eye bag that comes with like pigment, fluidline, and mascara!

  13. Wow Linda, lots of new stuff to play with ;) Gosh I really want another UD eye shadow palette but I have sooo many eye shadows (makeup in general)!
    You know what, I have both the MAC Holiday eye shadow palettes too (Sorceress and Devil may care). I wish the pigmentation was better too as well...so far I'm not that impressed :( I find it very powdery too! Let us know if you come up with any good looks using those :)


  15. All those palettes look gorgeous, especially Lorac! Strike a Pose looks great too.

  16. omgoodness!! you really went all out lol. no wonder youre broke lol. on the other hand, those are really good stuff you got.

    i want the urban decay book of shadow 2. its such a great deal. man i forgot about it though. I actually bought the nyx 59 chrome shadows and the 22 glitters lol...im horrible. i bought it on line without any hesitation haha! siiiigghhh...

    maybe ill ask my bf to buy me the book of shadows for xmas lol.

    have a great weekend lindah!

  17. i didn't see this review, thank you for it because i wanted to buy some of them^^
    have a nice day :)

  18. WOW, there's so much great stuffs!! NICE HAUL ^__^ So much makeup!

    & I'm in the process of blog hopping too right now. I tend to read though a bunch of blogs and not always comment them. So techincally I'm more of a "blog stalker" LOL

    Hope you're having a good weekend! :D

  19. Hi sweetie~
    Sry for the late reponses. I haven't been on blogger for awhile.

    I luv luv the season of Christmas. It's my fav holiday bc it's just so festive and everything. hehe.

    Great hauls and lots of pretty eyeshadows. =)

    That NARS Angelika blush is very pretty. I still have yet to buy it since I already have a couple of blushes and I only use like two of them.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend. =)

  20. hahaha I see you made a huge haul again!!! and again I'm jealous of your purchases, i've been wanting to get one of those urban decay palettes for the longest time haha but everytime I go to the Sephora here they're always sold out, same as Orgazm from NARS!

  21. oh my your haul makes me look forward to my own little christmas shopping for myself this year. i cannot wait to get the lorac kit and try the givenchy. super awesome haul

  22. mucho haul!! rated r is the shit and i need to wear that out ASAP!

  23. amazing haul!!!! oh and I guess the Erno Laszlo foundie exfoliates because it has Beta Hydroxy Acid.. hmmm


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