10 November 2009


I suck at introductions.. haha, but my boyfriend was talking to the representative on that fake mac website and omg she totally contradicted what the "about us" says.. which it states that you're not buying authentic MAC products.

I think I just want to do short posts every few days because I don't want to type up a LONGGGG post :)

I chose TEAL (on my color tag) because it's like my favoriteeee color! ^_^ But I KNEW it would be challenging too haha! Sorry girls :) You know I loveee you!

But onto what this post is suppose to be about :P

Here's my style black look I was playing around with last night. Well, I didn't intentionally want to do a look but I found my eyeliner brush and my smudgepot (FINALLY) and I didn't realize how much I LOVE it.. except that it flakes now since it's old :(

Black lips.. well it's not much of a look, but it's a start! I'm so rusty with doing looks I'm not even sure how to start up again O_O..

Still in the process of taking pictures of my hauls..



  1. Oh wow... you are so brave! I think I would never dare to wear such a dark lipstick myself. It looks so mysterious and sexy on you, hehe... ;)

  2. I LOVE IT! I want the black lippie from the Style Black collection...shoot I might even go all the way and get the damn mattene one! haha I'm loving Black lips! It looks amazing on you!

  3. Oooooh nice FOTD! I could never rock that shade on my lips. lol


  4. you look great girl!! Ive been into dark lips lately. I'll do some fotds soon on dark lips.

    i know what u mean about feeling rusty. i get that sometimes and Im like..uhhh...where do i start again? you just need to be inspired because i really love your fotds.

    and im not a big fan of loose eyeshadows but i still like them because of their awesome pigmentation.

  5. You look like an evil witch with the black lipsticks. hahahaha! Nice eyelashes ;]

    Yes! Teal is a very hard color!!! lol. It'll be a challenge if they don't own teal. lol.

    So it does state on the page that they don't sell Mac products? The page is too confusing. It's a nice page though. I got to admit that, it's very well organize compare to other sites I've seen but selling products that aren't the right brand is pretty much... almost like... plagiarism?

  6. Fake mac?? That sounds strange! Why would anyone want to buy fake mac? Unless, they are cheap, and don't want to buy real mac, in which case, I would understand.

    by the way, you are totally rocking that look! :)

  7. awesome lips! i didn't have the guts to get that one!

  8. Looks great! You can defo pull off black lips. :) xx

  9. you have BALLS! i could never ever pull this off. you look great tho. not creepy goth kid at all

  10. you actually rock the black lindah!!!! and if you think you're rusty... hha... i must be REALLY bad then. ;P

  11. shiny pretty black lips!! all i got to say w/fake mac is LAME for those who r willing to buy them.

  12. nice look! you actually pull off the black lips really well, I think it would be cute with a layer of like sheer red gloss over it :)

  13. black lips... how can you pull that off!!! that's pretty cool girl!


  14. Hey Linda! Wow this look is sexy on you girl! I would definitely wear it out to a nice dinner or something like that. It actually doesn't look like black lipstick on you...looks like there's some red in it too (maybe because you put it on a bit sheer so some of the redness of your lip is showing through?).

  15. I really like the black lipstick! :) I could never pull it off, but I think you look great!!

    & I can't wait to see your haul ^__^


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