24 May 2010


*waves hand* Why hello there! I know I said I'd be posting more, but I just honestly haven't been in the mood! I haven't really bought makeup like I usually do, but I still have been purchasing some things! I unintentionally ended up saving more money than I had planned so that tells you something! lol :) Plus things I have wanted to put up for review aren't available anymore because you girls know that I LOVE my limited edition things lol, I might still review the individual items because those are available still.

The blogging scene is not what it used to be when I first got hooked on blogging. All these companies trying to get their name out there is pretty much what happened to the blogging scene! I know I've been there too, but the things I accepted to review is kinda something I was already interested in and was in need of. (ex. new skincare, new moisturizer) And I've seen quite a few blogs that are just interested in getting a bunch of followers and stuff and I don't know, it just turns me off from reading them. I know some of you girls know what I am talking about though! (especially Arezu)


Okay but onto the review! I bought this mascara a while back and just got to using it. I'm not gonna lie, I bought this because of someone's review on a blog and her lashes looked AMAZING. And then in a lot of her posts she always raved about this mascara so I caved in and bought it because it was buy one get one free :P

Rimmel Glam'eyes Mascara in Black.

Cute simple little packaging. Black tube with some metallic pink accents and a fishnet textured top. This baby retails from around $6.50-$9.00 from stores I've seen in the States but if you're lucky you can most likely find it on sale at CVS, Walgreens, or use the $3.50 off coupon at Ulta with their deals which makes the total even sweeter. The formula is a bit dry even when you first open it so I can see this guy drying out quickly, maybe about a month of daily use. I can also confirm it'll start flaking on you if you're trying to pull a 12-hour day. But on the other hand, it delivers great length and good volume while still providing separation. Washes off easily with soap and water, or should I say face wash and water. It'll definitely come off easily with makeup remover.

I really like the cute little crown on the bottle :) I think it adds a cute touch, but I know some might think it's tacky.

Here's one side of the brush. The bristles are long and far apart. I think this makes my lashes clump and stick together, but then this can also comb them back out so it's a love-hate thing.

Then you rotate the brush 90-degrees and you get this side of the brush. I like this side better because they're close together and short so it can lift my lashes up while distributing an even amount of product.

Okay so enough gibberish about the packaging and wand. How does it perform?

These are my nekkid lashes, freshly curled. The outer corner of my lashes are being really retarded and they're going in all sorts of direction.

This is one coat of mascara. Doesn't give too much volume but on the other hand it gives me some pretty good lengthening. Plus, the short side of the brush makes it easy to apply some mascara to my bottom lashes without getting it everywhere.

This is how it looks with two coats. It's starting to get borderline clumpy as you can see in the middle of the lashes and it's already looking like it's about to flake from the tips of the lashes. The formula is way too dry for me with the amount of coats I like to put on my lashes. (I usually do 2-3 coats) This was a good day of the Rimmel Glam'eyes application too. Usually it doesn't look this good on my lashes! lol, but I guess it sucked it up for this review.

Overall, I will throw this tube of mascara out because it never looks like my eye up there. NEVER! Bottom line is that the formula is too dry for me to layer on the coats the way I would like to. If this mascara had the wet formulation like Rimmel's Sexy Curves but with this brush then I think I would definitely like it much better.

Hoped this post helped! I feel super weird making a review post because it's been so long lol. I'll try to make another post soon. No promises, but I feel like blogging is a way to take some stress off. LATELY though, there has been no stress so no need for me to blog lol. Plus like I've mentioned before, it feels like a commercial. Like oh geez, not trying to offend anyone but the guru makeupbyrenren. Has anyone seen her videos since she came back from the Philippines?! That's when I think they started anyway, but they're all reviews about companies. I mean yes, that's a nice product and all but it just keeps going on about different companies and seriously I try to use my products until they're almost used up because usually things do work good at first but then sometimes it goes south. I think it's great that you're introducing new companies and doing tutorials with them but man I know I'm not alone when I say I liked the old stuff better.

I'm not trying to criticize, but I'm just trying to point things out. I know blogs are things that are your own opinion and of course you're not forced to read anything but ehh.. it's just not the same as it was maybe..... say 2 years ago? Oh well, see you later!



  1. Aw I like the crown on Rimmel's new stuff! Did you see their nail polish? The bottle shape, and the crown on top, is just too cute!

    I feel you about the advertising bit... especially when it's for something that everyone already has. Like, do we need to see anymore flat iron videos? lol. It's useful for new products, obviously, like when the PhotoReady first came out.. I know that if it wasn't for youtube reviews and seeing it on people, I wouldn't have purchased it myself.

    And ~ I blog too when I want to relax and destress, or just do something creative since my 8-5 job is crunching numbers X_X

  2. Thanks for the review Linda! I have wanted to try some mascaras from Rimmel and now I know to be cautious of this one. Hafta def pick up the sexy curves one though :)

  3. hehe, no companies contact me c[= Good review! I like their packaging but I guess the quality is bad.

  4. i found the same thing myself hun :) i really like sexy curves by rimmel though! :D

  5. I tried the Glam'Eyes mascara a long time ago - when it first came out - and I liked it, but I also noticed the formula is dry aswell. I also wasn't a big fan of the brush, because I felt I had to be careful when using it to make sure that I used the right side and what not - so that got annoying.

    And OH MY GOD, THANK YOU LINDAH! It's nice to know someone else is noticing it aswell. I'm so sick of seeing soo many reviews and products that I know some of these bloggers wouldn't pick up and buy themselves if it hadn't been sent to them. And ALL of MakeupByRenRen's videos or blog posts are about a company that has been sent her products. I don't think she's done a post for MONTHS that wasn't a review or about something a company sent her.

    It makes me sad, and it throws me off of reading their posts/blogs.

  6. Ohhh, and I HATE when I read, "Sorry about being M.I.A, I've been so busy blah blah blah, BUTTTT, here's another review about products that a company sent me!!!11!!"

    Pshhh *rolls eyes*

  7. I wanted to get this mascara too..just for the packaging. It reminds me of TOO FACED's packaging kind of.

    Uhh yeah I agree about the commercial like blogs. I thought only youtube gurus do that whole "Hey I got sent a free product, shit sucks but Imma lie and tell you that it's good anyways."

    Linda don't scare me like thatt. I plan on waking up early and for the mall to open to get my hands on the To the Beach goodies. I will be going to the Parks Mall. They have a MAC store and a Dillard's downstairs. I can always call for them to hold it. I did that with the Hello Kitty stuff. Depending on who's there.


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