13 May 2010


Hello beautifuls! :) It's been a long time since a real update hasn't it? Well I have until June 1st to give you girls[guys] real updates ^_^ I plan on making basic videos (maybe) but I'm not going to promise anything!

Here's what I HAVE BEEN doing the past 2 weeks :D

Below here is when I went to the dentist to get my lower left wisdom tooth removed.

I was trying to frown, but this is when I was waiting for the anesthesia to kick in ^_^ As you can tell, it's already kicked in full blast when I finally got a non-blurry picture lol. I got my towel under in case I drool (which I did) and then I had the spit sucker thing in my other hand.

I totally went in all calm and was like I'm ready! I never realized how much of a big deal people make it. They kept asking if I was nervous (since I went solo). I was like o_O! What are you talking about? I'm just getting a tooth extracted, why would I be nervous? I guess I was just like whatever so nothing dawned on me. THEN when he injected the anesthesia thats when I got a little nervous! That was why it was so HARD to take the stupid picture up there because I was trembling. Within 10 minutes I was calm again though lol and it only took 30 minutes for the tooth to come out :) Yeahhh, I guess it was pretty painless and hopefully when I go get my next one removed it'll be just as painless.

On the other hand, I'm going in for a root canal in a week or two :( I'm really scaredddd.. omg! I guess I'm more scared that my other tooth MIGHT need one too lol and the thought of the expenses makes me wanna pee my pants! LOL...

Moving on..

This is when I went to go do a photoshoot at drjon's house. It was for an art project ^_^

I figured jon wanted to get in the shot.. btw, we're inside of my infiniti g35 :) this baby eats gas like no other *sigh*

How much is gas per the gallon where you live?Just curious.

So since Jon wanted in on the picture, I put him in! He's bald still from his grandmother's funeral :) hehe, he looks so funny! I like to sleep with my face in the back of his head to bother him since he's always putting his face into my back when he sleeps -_____-"

This was on the way back from the photoshoot... It was a success! I got a 100 :) BUT, since it was a day late, I got a 90 :( BUT I guess it's still an A right? lol

The ball in my hand is a big wad of plastic wrap (saran wrap, however you call it). I wrapped up his little sister with this and didn't wanna throw it away at their house so I wouldn't get caught wasting plastic wrap LOL :X I think that was one of the favorite pictures I took since of the coloring and the lighting!


Good lord, I spent a total of at least 16 hours in the science learning center getting my chemistry homework done in the 2 days. Then I spent some more time in there getting my review done.. Geez, I'm so sick of that place! BUT I have to admit, it's a really good learning environment and the people that work there are really helpful :) If you can't tell in the picture, this is the second day I was there and I was starting to go delirious! LOL, I seriously couldn't stop laughing because I was so tired...

OKAY! So I'm thinking about making a video right now.. :) I'm thinking contouring since I've been into that lately ^_^! Although my face is super chiseled from studying for the past 2-3 weeks because I have not been eating right. Also going to pick up some protein bars as a snack kinda thing since I feel like I've developed somewhat "anorexic" type of eating habbit lol. Stupid studying!

I'll be back with another post tomorrow. FINALLY GET THESE REVIEWS IN! :D

BTW, I did terrible this semester! I am just super happy ONLY BECAUSE I managed to get a B in chemistry 2! :) hahaha, I guess because everyone bombed the finals (including me) but I managed to get a 72 on it so I'm satisfied with that lol.



  1. glad youre back! I love your blog! Cute pics, youre so pretty!

    A "B: is not terrible! Congrats on doing so well in school! Just be sure to take care of yourself though

    Gas where I live right now ranges from $3.03 the cheapest and I seen $3.29 the other day....crazy! How much is your gas?


  2. Yay you're back :)

    Gosh, about the gas prices, stupid me, I just filled up yesterday and I don't know how much I paid!! I think it was about $3.30-$3.40/ gallon and I only feed my car premium chevron gas :P

  3. hey glad to see you back :]

    HAHA about the saran wrap!!!!

    i got rid of two wisdom teeth in one go (which took an hour... D:)

    gas around here, at it's cheapest was $3.01 last time i checked (this past weekend). i've seen it as high as $3.50 though which just makes me cry.

  4. welcome back.....omg...they said root canal is painful & I also need one....:(

    gas here is around 2.89 for a midgrade gas....

  5. I don't know how much gas is cause I'm not the one to pump it and also.. I haven't been in a car for a week since I take the bus to school and hub drives to work.. hrm... it's in the 2.90s close to 3.00 but not quite yet. i haven't had any wisdom teeth grow yet but I'm so scared cause I saw them do my hub's YIKES!!

  6. ohhhh my god I just got a root canal today (part one at least) where they make a hole in my tooth and pull out the dead nerve. I was so calm though.. my boyfriend thought I was cracked out on advil or something but I was talking to the nurse for 10 min before about dogs and random stuff and the whole numbing did wonders!

    don't worry about the root canal.. everyone told me it would hurt like a B but they were so wrong... and the whole process is definitely more painful on the wallet. goodluck!!


  7. Hi! Yeahy, back on blogger.. HAHA. Cute pics!

  8. a 72 is not bad since everyone bombed the darn test. haha! Oh wellzy, I haven't gotten my wisdom teeth pulled out yet..... too scared! Don't you need someone to drive you? O_O

  9. u always look so pretty lindah!!:)
    haha B is more than enough for me!

  10. I love that picture!
    Your posts always crack me up (:

    And girllll, a 72 is not a bomb! Good job!

  11. Regular Chevron where I live is $3.15 right now. The cheapest I've seen is $3.03. And it was great having my wisdom teeth get jerked out. I remember the nurse injecting the IV into my arm. She was like, "In 10 seconds, you're gonna be out." I was like, "oh, really?" I could feel it creeping up through my veins. Once it hit my temple...well, that was the last thing I remember. hahaha

  12. regular where i live was 95cents when i filled up last
    but i am not sure if it is per gallon - canada is coo like that

    congrats on your chem mark! i completely empathize
    i just finished my exams today as well and will now be reading blogs like crazy

    cant wait for your new video!

  13. I'm getting my wisdome teeth out on the 25h. I belive all 4! :x

    I love chemistry! Cept I didn't get too good of grades either, but I did like it. I just bombed the tests!! hahaha Can't wait for your reviews!

  14. Gas is almost 4 bucks here, and all the gas stations price the same, so that sucks. :[

  15. aww you two are too cute! i'm glad you're back and that you survived this semester : ) i survived too *whew* so far--2 Bs, a C, and I don't know for the last class yet...what classes are you taking for summer? when i had my wisdom teeth extracted (all four at once) they put me under with gas...and actually showed me a video before hand saying that I could DIE and had to legally agree to the anesthesia!! LOL

  16. Ugh gosh I shudder at the mention of Chemistry. My worst subject ever and I had to take those darn advance chem courses in 3/4th year because of my biology major - stupid! Chem and bio are such different subjects I still get pissed thinking my university forced us to do advanced chems in 3/4th year. Congratulations on the great Chem mark though!
    You know I actually really like your FOTD in the dentist chair! All the best with your root canal Hun :)


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