14 May 2010


Hello! I made a video yesterday, lol and it turns out something happened to it while it was exporting because half of the sound doesn't work?!?! o_O! BUT, since it's not a very wordy process I'm just not gonna reupload it unless YOU GIRLS really want some sound haha! You can always turn on some music on the background when it gets silent... haha! XD

Yes, I'm sorry about the sound once again, but I hoped this help somehow! I'll probably not like it in the end... and maybe I'll remake one another day with a voiceover since.. that seems like it'll be the quickest way LOL xD

OH, BTW I finally slept in today!! ^_^ I woke up like 5 times though but I did sleep in :) I guess I'm satisfied with that. Now to go off and shower and maybe another video.. that has the complete audio! haha :)



  1. You're a great instructor!! :]

  2. great video! I thought about contouring but I haven't found a nice face powder yet (in a darker shade) so I'd rather not use bronzer.. bah. it was verrrry helpful tho :) anyways, most of my posts take a good amount of time to post because stupid blogger only lets me upload 5 pictures at a time! and I like to put time into my posts but I'm usually doing something else while haha.

    I also get a lot of "your post made me super hungry" comments because all I post is food pics :( I need to take more "other" pictures!

    and yeah my mom paid for my root canal...I felt more bad for her than myself because her wallet was going to be in waaaay more pain than me -_- and my procedure (part 1) only took 15 minutes!!


  3. thanks im so trying contouring soon!hehe
    btw i totally forgot to include some stuff for u!>.<
    u dont have to send me anything back lindah!!

  4. dude, I was like, "what the pho just happened? is something wrong with my laptop? How come I can't hear anythinggg? what's wrong with my laptop???" lol. Then I figured it wasn't my laptop or my ears. haha.

  5. I love how you explained everything! I used to be too lazy to contour but it really does make a difference in the look.

    <3 Diana

  6. Hi Linda! I love how you do videos more frequently now. It's a nice change sometimes from just reading and seeing still pictures.
    Your Ninja Turtles T-shirt brought back memories of my childhood a bit LOL I use to watch that show too!
    I've been lazy to contour with my bronzer the past couple of weeks but I ought to get back into it. It makes a big difference and I need to get through my bronzer. I hope you find your MAC brush!
    Oh and about Madame Madeline, I know I made an order with them about a year and a half ago and the prices were much cheaper like you said. Since you live in the States it's probably better for you to stock up at your local store unless you order in large amounts. I certainly will on my next trip to the States.

  7. I LOVE the Turtles t-shirt!!! So cute!

    Visit my blog too if you want :)


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