27 May 2010


HELLO & hi to my new followers :)

I've been very busy! Well, mostly today, but I slept in yesterday so that took up most of my day. Skip the big paragraphs if you don't wanna read and just get onto the haul LOL :)


I slept in for a LONGGG time yesterday! When we finally got done and ready my mother was already home so that brings it to around 3:30pm. Then I took her to get her glasses and what not but didn't turn out so good so we're going to try somewhere else in a few days or something. THEN we went to go eat sushi! I was going to take pictures, really! I took pictures of our drink, which was ordinary but the colors were fun, but then I was SOOO HUNGRY that I just dug into the appetizers and by the time I remembered to take photos.... I was like oh shit I already ate half the food lol. I got 3 sushi rolls, 2 appetizers, 1 soup, and 3 drinks all for me and JON. Yeah, we were in over our heads haha!

Then he went to watch his store with his daddy and I went home. His niece's birthday is today *HAPPY BIRTHDAY IDALYIS!* and she is now 7! So we went and bought some clothes for her to ship out to where she lives. Yeah, kinda late but hey at least we got her something :D... then we planned on watching Nightmare on Elm Street after. Mall closes at 9:00pm. Movie starts at 10:10pm. What the heck are we gonna do for an hour?!?! Well first we were thinking of going to visit my sister down the street. NOPE! She's out and the dog is too complicated for us to leave through the front door without anyone holding him. So we sat at Starbucks for 40 minutes drinking SOY Strawberries & Creme Frapp and a EXTRA COFFEE Caramel Frapp. Both were pretty good, but the people were fuckin` grumpy as shit!! I thought they're suppose to be perky all day?!?! lol, that's how it usually is everytime I go :P

We finally headed towards the movie and we were still early so we played Time Crisis. (that's what it's called right?) JON sucks! He kept losing first so that means I am better ^_^ Game was pretty fun, I want to play again!! My stupid foot pedal thing was being gay and retarded and I had to slam my foot on it everytime so I was getting tired haha. When we went into the theater, there was only 3 other people... DUN DUN DUN!!! Scary ehh? Well the screen started rolling down so I was like O_O!!! WTFFF because it was squeaking and scared me. haha, what a wimp right?! Good thing more people showed up and kinda filled up the room so it wasn't too freaky. Movie was VERY suspenseful but not really scary.

TODAY was a very good day and I got tons of errands done! Woke up early to go check out the collection and I got THE LAST marine life's!!!! haha, I seriously called everywhere to find this stupid powder -_____-" .... Got everything and then I went to order my mom her birthday cake for tomorrow. Super hungry so me and the doctor went to waffle house and ate our butts off. Afterwards went to sell back my school books and get my current books which took like an hour since we had to go from there to here and back over that way o_O! Super HOT today too. About 101 degrees FAHRENHEIT! Oh lordy, I was so happy to get back home and into the a/c and STAY here lol. That pretty much concludes my day as of now.... ONTO THE HAUL! :) There's video form, or if you just wanna look then there's pictures for ya!


Watch the video, or just look at the pictures :) I finally didn't take up like 10 minutes of the thing this time.... almost but I cleared it ^_^

Here's everything I got!

  • 2 Marine Life High Light Powders
  • Hipness Powder Blush
  • In The Buff Nail Lacquer
  • NC15/NW20 Chromagraphic Pencil
  • Thrills Lipstick
  • Lazy Day Lipstick
Didn't spend as much as I thought it would! The doctor was like "oh, not too bad" haha! Too many bronzers for me which I don't really use or like the look of. I like my natural bronzed color so I'm trying to maintain this color :P

@_@ look at it!!

Isn't it so pretty?! :) It's supppppper soft especially when I swatched the one at the counter. I gotta be careful not to drop it, eh?

I really like the packaging because of the funky colors and the beachy feeling ^_^

I think this color is really pretty, but it gets really pigmented so use a light hand!

MY LOVEEEE! Yes, I'm still obsessed with lippies! I seriously gotta blog sale soon because there's so much stuff piling up @_@.. eeeek!

Lazy Day, a lustre and it's super pretty but it's dupeable.

Thrills lipstick, a rose color with golden shimmers so it makes it a little bronzey. I tried it on and I actually like it on me :)

And I cannot see why people hate mac nail polishes! I really like them :)

It's a pea/poop/gren color. I can see some people hating it but I'm lovinggg it because it's creamy and pastel-ish! ^_^

This is from MAC's pret-a-papier collection but it sold out super fast at the counter and I didn't have enough money for it the first trip. Then the second trip it was gone -_-" Luckily this counter had it so I feel like they're not as popular or something. THEN the lady clarified that they get over-amount they need of the stuff so pretty much if they don't have it, you won't find it lol. I still prefer nordies since they all know me there haha!

Tried it on my waterline. Makes me look more awake! BUT I should try with dark eyeshadows because the combo I did today makes me look awake already :P I wanted to wait to go to the MAC PRO and get the regular black packaging instead of the wood work but I was too anxious ^_^

OVERALL, this is a nice collection. If I was like NC30/NC35 I would totally have been drooling over the bronzers but since I'm already satisfied with my tan I had to skip. I can see lots of pale girls wanting a tan loving this collection! Everything about this release just screams SUMMER so I'm sure it really as big as it seems.

Until next time! I'm going to post a picture of my collection SOON hopefully.. I'm still trying to get my furniture in ahahaha! It's been like 1-2 months xD



  1. Marine Life is so pretty but I convinced myself I don't need it. haahha I got Hipness (LOVE!!!) and I'm going back for Splashing and Flurry of Fun. :D Thrill was super beautiful but I figured it wouldn't look good on me. :(

  2. Everyone has been hauling Mac lately! I kind of want to get some Mac items, but I'll probably wait till a little later. :)

  3. i'm dying to get my hands on marine life, and hipness

  4. oooooo pretty haul :) I'm trying to save up so I'm not getting anything from the collection, but still! if I ever got marine life I'd probably just keep it on my vanity and look at it because it's so gorgeous haha.


  5. I really want try the white eyeliner :D I haven't found one that I'm super in love with yet, but maybe the MAC one might be worth a try at the store.

    I love Time Crisis!! :D haha

  6. They all look so pretty! I love the seahorse design, so summerish!

  7. awesome haul! radical dooood! lol
    Hi Linda, hope all is well- love your vids- you always make me laugh.. seriously.
    I agree, it's kind of creepy being a theatre with barely anyone there. Have you ever been in one by yourself *just you and the bf*? It's sooo weird- especially during horror flicks.

  8. great haul linda :) that marine life looks promising.

  9. great haul but I thought you were saving up? lol. Have you seen Steph's necklace with the seahorse? hehe. Is that eyeliner better than the stila topaz?

    Happy early birthday to your mommy and happy birthday to Jon's niece! =] You should of still post the drink photos; too bad, no food photos. I do that all the time. lol.

  10. Wow, awesome haul! Love the packaging :D

  11. hehe, Linda's right! I did finally post that mac inspired necklace! :)

    nice haul girlie- gonna watch your vid now.

  12. damn you say way to love is like lazy days? I might have to go check that out. And I thought I was done with mac lippies.. oi.

    That Dillard's always has the last of the stuff so you prolly got the last of it in the whole area lol. I hate how they take away the sold out stuff so I can't even look at it. Sometimes I just wanna friggin look at it even though I know I can't buy it right? gah.

  13. nice haul and it sounds like you've been having fun lately!

  14. nice haul!! i really want hipnesss >< lol!

  15. HEYYY LINDAH!!! I miss you! LOL... I know it has been forever again lol... i love your haul girl!!! They haven't released the collection over where I live! Kind of upset about it, but your video made me decide what I want to get! Def. Marine life but I love everything else you purchased!!!

  16. ohh I saw that collection and I was going to get some I should have known that you already bought them!! hehe they're really nice and I love the packaging


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