19 August 2009


I guess when it comes to wearing pants over and over, everyone is with me on that boat! :) But I guess I'm the only shoe smeller hahaha! xD

I was trying to have a little giveaway but I guess no one finished reading the LONGGG ASS post! LOL! Yeah, I probably wouldn't have either. But I was trying to give away a single eyeshadow or a lipglass or a technokohl liner from the upcoming collection! Oh well, I guess not :P I'll do a spontaneous giveaway again one day but not right now.

I stopped by MAC today! haha, I was actually trying to go back to school shopping but the mall I went to is toooo popular and people buy things like crazy there! I gotta go to a slow, non-busy mall next time to actually find anything I like! ^_^

But anyway, back to my mac thing I got... I got my first permanent eyeshadow! haha :) Well I've had others, but they came out with collections and stuff so this time it was just to get a highlight color :D I picked up shroom! It's a nice satin color, I'm going to go scoop up vanilla on thursday when I go get the things I want from the new collection :)

Yeah I'm a nerd, I go to mac on release dates! haha, BUT I do that because over here things get sold out SOOO fast! It's not even funny. Like I said, I've been waiting forever to buy coralista because it's always been sold out :( and plus I don't like waiting for online orders :P ...my order I placed on forever 21 came in today FYI!

So I got SHROOM.. mainly I picked this one over Vanilla because of the name haha. So does permanent eyeshadows that don't release with collections come with the name ON the box? Or does it come on that circle sticker? I don't know. I've never bought one before and I've never bought an eyeshadow that wasn't at nordstrom's mac counter. haha :)... I notice I like to blabber and type a lot of crap to read!

hmm.. anywho. I come home from work on saturday and this is what I see! haha I could've crushed one so easily by stepping on it but I guess I'm more careful than I thought ^_^

I'm trying to cut this post short because I want to hurry and watch bleach on my laptop! haha :) I'm an anime dork but whatever, I'm on high speed internet tonight so I'm gonna make use of it!

BTW, I'm about to update my other blog (hello, please buy me) with blog sale items! I made that especially for selling because I got a lot of crap to get rid of. I'm trying to figure out what things I use and what I don't. I'll probably post in batches so stay tuned for that! I even edit the pictures and made them look NICE :)


  1. ohhh man you make me want to get an iphone. i think my phone broke again. sucks, i think i'm just going to have to purchase a new one soon. probably sometime next month!

  2. wow thats alotta iphones!!!

    i looooove shroom its my fav highlight :)

  3. whoa... can i have one iphone, please? hehe... kidding!

    you're such a cutie lindah!!!!

  4. are those actual iphones or just cases?!?! and ahhhh my bf and i were totally addicted to bleach.. we would watch like 4 episodes per day but then... life got busy. haha! ;P

  5. your so funny! like the long post it entertains me. shroom is cute! and yea i like going to the mall on tuesdays cuz its the slowest and thats when the stores get most new stuff. i take advantage.

  6. thats a lot of iphones girl! throw one over here my way! haha.. yeah I don't have any single mac shadows either.. (well i did have 2 but sold them)..i usually end up buying palettes bcuz u get more bang for the buck... and wha? giveaway? yes! give ..here.. please lol

    anyhow keep me posted on your blog sale!!! i'm in the mood to buy :D

  7. whoa! thats alot of iphones! are they iphones you broke so you had to buy another one?!! lol! dangg lindah, share the wealth! hahah btw, are u selling them!?! or you use them all!? LOL! anyways, that shroom color i hear alot about that! i really needa get one!

  8. Damn @ at the iPhones!
    You should see my phone, it's cracked like no tomorrow. But it still works, so I still use it, I just get embarrassed to pull it out in public cause all I hear when people see it it "DAMN WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR PHONE?" -.-

    And now MAC is printing the name & barcode on all MAC boxes, instead of having stickers. It's suppose to be harder for Fakes to copy.

  9. Girllll why do you have 6 iphones & why were they on the floor about to be stepped on? LOL!

    You look cute with the single purchase you made lol. Looks like you're disappointed most definitely but at least you saved money : ))

  10. that;s a lot of iPhones!! Oh Em Gee!!! :D Anyway, I have shroom!! love it :)

  11. holy how many iphones do you have?! Are they all yours?! lol funny

    heh I go to things on release dates too... there are a few mac stores here and they usually never sell out of things so I'm lucky like that.. but Sephora on the other hand sells out of things super fast and then they don't get any orders. booo!

  12. WHOAA SO Many iphones
    (throw us one!) I need to get Shroom eye shadow I keep forgetting :(

  13. u got tagged !
    check out mmy blog

  14. waa so many iphones!! X3
    you take such a cute poses on your photos I love it~! :D

  15. well not really,ususally my swatches real sucks
    aww forever21 ! i just bought some tee yesterday here and its kinda double the price from their website.lolll.im joining my cousin's group order.lolllll

  16. nice! i like to watch anime too :P i stopped watching bleach after a while tho :P got too long... haha! :P


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