23 August 2009


Hey girlies :)

** I made a blog for my blog sale ladies! It's:
Please go check it out and help me out :) I need to buy college books! haha xD!!! *I hate you makeup*

Who's ready for classes tomorrow? I sure AREN'T! I forgot to go last week to go check out where my classes were so I'm gonna be the confused freshman... LOL xD

I haven't been posting real posts because my camera's been dead and I don't feel like charging it.. haha, that's why I have so many webcam pictures!

I don't really do much giveaway posts (well more like never) but onto what this post is mainly about...

Denysia is having a giveaway! Well, TWO to be exact ^_^

The second one she posted is on her personal blog:
Hello Denysia
Be sure to go check her out, follow her, and also join into the fun! :D
Here are the prizes:

The first one (I know totally out of order LOL) she posted about is on her jewelery/craft blog!
Miss Comfortology
She makes earrings and she doesn't rip off other people's designs! ^_^
Here is first prize:

okay.. those are the only giveaways I can remember.. LOL xD

So I haven't been updating much because I've actually been busy.. and now I'm hooked to watching bleach! OMG I need to hurry and finish the episodes so I can go on with life.. this sucks! XD haha

PLUS, camera is dead! No point on taking FOTDS with my webcam or iPhone.. except for this one! I look tired from working all weekend and not sleeping so much :P

I still have some mac hauls to post up but I'm trying to branch out and I'm planning to go buy some new clothes for fall.. or maybe a bunch of dark tank tops but I'll have to buy a jacket :) so I don't freeze!

BUT on the plus side, I got high speed internet now :) So every video someone posts, I will be able to watch! ^_^

I got class tomorrow: US History, US Government, and Psychology for tomorrow.. and Speech & Chemistry on Tuesday.... I'm anxious! I'm gonna look like a freshman for sure! haha oh well, I can be like "at least I'm done with math & english suckkka!"

Shar's Arabic contest (diary of a shopaholic)
MAC Hauls :)



  1. hehe i love your blog sale website "pleasebuyme" ! :)

    ughhh i'm not liking mondays already! hope u have fun in class :D

    There's soooo many giveaways right now it's hard not to do one!

  2. freshwoman in college... what an experiment I had last year. LOL. Don't worry, just arrive at least 30 hour early and you'll be able to find your classes =]
    GET A MAP OF YOUR SCHOOL IF IT'S A BIG CAMPUS! I'm pretty sure they passed it out during orientation! Try buying your books online! I'm going to tell you now... if you buy books from the college book store and sell the book back later, you're not going to get much back.

  3. omg, i use to watch anime all the time! now all i do is watch anime movies! hehe. anyway, thank you for posting on your blog about my giveaways! i should be reading for my classes, but i'm so lazy! good luck at school! it's not that bad, you'll realize that no one is going to be able to tell that you are a freshman!

  4. Ohhhh, first days of college are always scary, but you'll do just fine!! :) Good luck!! My classes start next week... :(

  5. Good luck with classes tomorrow!! I just love your sale blog, I wish I had some extra cash though.

    Can't wait to see your hauls :D

  6. I took US Government, Psychology & Chemistry last year. I hated government =/ But it's just because I totally suck at memorizing stupid people & dates.

    Have a good day at school tomorrow :)

  7. lol. Aww, Linda!
    The little freshmen. =D
    Have fun in school.

    And charge that camera girl!

  8. Aww I feel you. I need money for books & I'm totally not ready for school. I will check your blog sale out in a minute. I'll see if I can help you out lol ; )

  9. you sound super busy these days as well! And hehe I've been in the "dead camera" situation and just forget/dont feel like charging it as well! Hope classes are good and hey being a freshman is awesome! You get away with stuff cuz you're new! ;)

  10. Good luck at school! I know these books are so overpriced! :(

    and yay for the give aways! :D

  11. ooo i love the necklaces, thanks for posting about the contest love! and good luck selling your stuff, i may be needing to do that too :X ahh i h8 u school loans! :[

  12. omg i love the silicon feeling!!! makes me feel like i got botox or somethingg haha

  13. im about 2 days late but im sure youll do good in school :) take care and ill def. check out the blog sale :)


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