17 August 2009


I want to dedicate this post to the lovely bloggers that gave me an award or tag :) I don't want to be the party pooper, but I think there's wayyyy too many I have to post up to pass on! haha, I just wanted all of you who notified me to see that I remembered! I actually made a list on paper, then I went back and read all my comments to see for sure! Took me a while but I did it ^_^

If you don't want to read, please load another webpage right now :) I don't want to bore you to death.. haha, and there's NO pictures because there's so many tags/award I've been behind on! haha xD

First of all, the tag I've done! haha!! Its the 10th photo tag and I've done it in this post.
Thank you Rin and Verina for giving me this tag again. I think my photo was actually pretty boring considering the fact that I lost my rock climbing pictures! That used to be my first photo album but I think it got deleted? :(


1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

I would like to thank Beauty Inside & Out for giving me this award :) I never thought of myself as "kreativ" haha. I have a shitty imagination!

Now for the interesting things..
1. I like to wear the same pants for days and days and days.. They don't really get dirty and I don't wash them until I really have to. haha, I don't think it's dirty at all! Do you do this too? Or do you think I'm DIRTAYYY? LOL!
2. I have 7 iPhones in the house right now.. yeah! That's really interesting to come home to LOL! :)
3. I like to smell the inside of my flats & sneakers! I always smell it to see if they smell clean.. I'm so self conscious! I don't really have stinky feet except with the shoes I shared with my sister or my boyfriend's little sister. I guess sweat doesn't mix good right? I don't do this anymore, but I still like to smell my shoe to make sure it's clean haha :)
4. I don't wear deodorant unless it's REALLY hot! I don't sweat much and I don't really think I have a "stinky" odor. But I use the prescription strength ones for sweat control :P
5. Me & my boyfriend sleep on a twin size bed. YES! A TWIN SIZE BED.. haha and we fit comfortably on it ^_^ He said he's the size of a keebler elf.
6. I eat things off the floor that I drop. Unless they're "saucey" because those go straight into the trash! haha :) Pretty gross habit but whatever, if it looks clean, it means it's clean enough for me! LOL
7. I get really happy and excited when I get packages :D Even if it's ones that I ordered myself.. xD


Here's another one from Beauty Inside & Out.

6 Things That Make Me Happy...

1. My boyfriend. I love him :) He's been here with me for 3+ years! How could I not? He's the guy that every girl wants. Always offers to buy me things, always gets the bill at the restaurant, always doings things to make me happy.. I try to do my best to return the favor but sometimes I guess I'm too "self-centered." LOL!

2. I love sweets.. everyone's worried that I'm going to have diabetes! I'm kinda scared now too! I've actually cut down a lot now but I still have some here and there :)

3. Makeup. I've always loved to play with makeup as a kid! I guess it really stuck and now that I have an idea of where to apply and stuff, the possibilities are ENDLESS! It's like I have the power to do anything!

4. Power. Yeah, I'm the even mouse Brain, from pink & the brain. haha, I would make the world bow down to me if I could! Well, just the jerks that give me shit here and there. :) I'm pure evil inside... haha, okay maybe not PURE but I have some bite in me!

5. Blogging. It's such a stress reliever for me. Something I can just vent to, except for when it's being BUGGY! I enjoy reading everyone's blog posts even though sometimes my internet is being whack and won't let me comment :P

6. SLEEP! I sleep so much it's not funny. I love to sleep and I do it when I'm bored. I haven't been able to OVERsleep much anymore but one day I will be able to :)... Hopefully when I'm a millionaire!


Amy Naree gave me this award (twice) haha. I think she's gotten it 3 times! So whoever gets this next, nominate her again :) I wonder if you noticed amy! xD She's so adorable.. her cheeks are so cute!


GoldBeauty88 (Mevish) gave me the "Your Blog is 'freakin' fabulous!!!" award :) haha, thanks! I'm flattered :P I think my blog sucks actually LOL xD Go check out her blog, she has a great sense of style and blending skills that I will never have. This girl is gorgeous!

C.Tang (Christine) also gave me a similar award with naming 5 things I'm obsessed with. Check her out too! I really love all the posts she does.. especially the "rave or rant" ones haha, makes me think if I should get it or not! xD and man does that frozen yogurt loook goooood on her acceptance post :P

The rule consists of:
1. List five current obsessions
2. Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs of your choice
3. On your post of receiving this award, link back to the individual that awarded you
4. Link your five winners, as well as let them know that they've been awarded

My obsessions...
1. Chile & Lime flavored things.. OMG it's so good! I'm bringing out the inner "mexican" in me :D not trying to offend anyone so please don't take it offensive! I just loveeeeee those types of food even though when I eat too much of it, it makes my stomach hurt :(

2. Forever21.com.. I keep finding myself visiting it and keep adding things onto my "wishlist" so that I can remember to buy it later! haha :) I love their cheap stuff. It's pretty good quality too ^_^

3. Studio Sculpt Foundation. I think I might buy the full size! OMG, I hate, hate, hate this foundation but I find myself reaching over and over for the sample I got! :) It's a love/hate relationship! It's full coverage which I LOVEEE but I think I need to exfoliate my face or something because it clings onto my flakes and it looks gross!

4. Macbook Pro.. I love my laptop so much.. the best $2,000 I have ever spent. Well the best $11,00 I ever spent was on my car but I didn't pay for that :P (thank you mom&dad! I LOVE YOU :D) This laptop will last me YEARSSS! I still have an eMac and now it's iMac so you know how old that computer is? It's fat as hell too, takes up soo much room. Wish I could trade it in for an iMac :P

5. White chocolate macadamia cookies. The best cookies ever! It's slowly replacing my favorite cookie, the oatmeal raisin. I buy mine at subway but I'm sure really good ones are THE BOMB! haha :) Thank you if you're still reading for listening to my dorkiness and my digusting habits :P If you're still reading, put "You're GAY!" or "I hate you!" down in the comments & tell me which single eyeshadow, lipglass, or technokohl liner you want from the new upcoming mac collection and I shall get it for you and send it out to whenever I go to pick up mine :) deadline is my next post okay?? There's only one winner though, sorry! ...haha.. yeah anyway, gotta love the white chocolate chip when you bite into it! ^_^


Christine also gave me these two awards! :) wow, that's a lot from her xD Thanks so much sweetie for reading my blog.. and all my rambling and etc. ^_^

Sexyy msz Cheysser also gave me the award with the lemonade stand! haha :) Her blog is hilarious and I love the fact that this girl is a pervert! ^_^ I think I am too to be honest :P

Cristina also gave me the lemonade stand thingy! haha :) (I don't know what to call it anymore) This girl is SEXY! I listen to music she listens to (and more) and her dramatic looks are my favoriteee!

The lemonade stand award states that you have to chose 12 blogs you love to read! In alphabetical order according to blogger :P

1. Amy Naree
2. Adriyah
3. Cristina
4. Arezu
5. Mevish
6. Denysia
7. Jess
8. Julie
9. Tina
10. Whit
11. Krystal
12. Fuz

Thought I'd never finish this post! And thank you ladies for all the awards you've given me :) These are the only ones I was informed of even though I might've dropped comment saying thanks LOL xD I forget easily.. I follow about 80 people, but I visit other blogs too ^_^

REAL update tomorrow or TUESDAY! ahah :) Just a warning!



  1. wow, you got a LOT of awards and tags. lucky you ;) very interesting to read them and getting to know you better. I really enjoyed reading the first tag...

  2. Awww thanks for the award!! I'm putting it on my side right now! Yeah I feel bad neglecting Blogspot lately, my closing date for my house is tomrrow so I've been busy settling legal fees/mortgage etc -_-

    I agree with you that flats give you flat feet!! But it's the lesser of the two evils hehe these fobs around my office would wear pretty dresses with sneakers and I'd be like 0_0 LOL

    I LOVE forever 21!! I wish there was one here in ottawa! Their stuff is so flashy and trendy. I don't mind their quality too!

    And as for wearing the same pants for a few days, I'm guilty of that too... cuz most times I find that jeans get more comfy the more you wear then.. I hate the feeling of them when you first wear them out of the dryer! it feels so corse and rough!

  3. congrats on the award! well deserved indeed hehe

    blogger needs to create some sort of awards display widget !

    haha I wear pants (mainly jeans) over and over again as well.. lol sometimes i'm afraid to wash them because I'm scared they might shrink or lose their form..so if there's no stain on it.. it's all good by me :D

    I don't wear deo either... my mom never taught me too and I just never smell that bad (or so I think....) ..but i do randomly ask my bf to smell them jus incase lol! that's what bfs are for right?

  4. omg i loved reading this post! hahah ur so interesting! lol i wear my pants over and over again too! lol! oh and i LOVE receiving packages too even if its just stuff i ordered for myself hahah!

    thanks for the award lindah! i love reading ur blog too!

  5. aww! im one of your favorite reads : )

  6. U got a lot of awards...nice....I'm guilty with wearing my pants(denim) over and over again...I just think that the fit becomes better if it is already used as compared to newly washed...:)

  7. awwwww thabk you 4 doing the tag!!! i <33 yur blog hehe

  8. HAHAHA! :) I enjoyed reading your "interesting facts" I get happy too, getting packages in the mail! Even though, I know I'm the one who buy it! Eeeeek! Haha =) and LOL @ #3. I should do that too though! Sounds effective, to know if it's clean.

    Ayiyi! Thanks for calling me a pervert! I'M FLATTERED, really! HAHAHA =]

    & I could sleeeep long too. I love sleeping.... MMMMMM.

  9. wow talk about all those awards lol you have tons of interesting things to say and about the jeans.. i do that myself. i wear them until i have to wash them haha.

  10. Go Texas!!

    In response to your comment: I have been downtown Austin at night but have never run into the $1.10 OJ lady... haha. I have run into some interesting people before though. One time this one hobo wanted to teach my friend how to box, and then tried to charge him for it.

    Anyways, I confess I have the same thing about not washing pants LOL. I think that's what most people do, they just don't want to confess it. Woo!

  11. Congratz on the awards girl you deserve it ^_^

    1. I like to wear the same pants for days and days and days.. They don't really get dirty and I don't wash them until I really have to. haha, I don't think it's dirty at all! Do you do this too? Or do you think I'm DIRTAYYY? LOL!

    You're not DIRTAYYYY noh ahaha, you're like me ahaha. We have something in common girl. I wash the pants when I really have to lol ^_^


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