03 August 2009


Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I did something exciting, went on a movie date with my boyfriend :) We watched The Collector. It was suspenseful scary! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that doesn't like saw. Enjoyed it but very grotesque.

To start off this post, I give you Jack! He's so cute and takes up the whole entire bed. haha, I bought him this toy :) I'm happy to see that he LOVES it! His mustache is all messed up whenever he wakes up! haha :D I <333 him!

here's look #2 I did using the graphic garden palettes ^_^ I used the graphic garden one with just the silver & black color and a matte eyeshadow for a highlight :) I would've made it smokier but it was still day time and I had errands to run. Like my headband? It's only $3.80 at forever 21! I went to walmart to return something and I got lots of stares.. I don't know if people were checking me out or if they think I was weird?! lol :)

It's very nice and subtle.

Add false lashes for a dramatic effect!

Toblerone is so yummy! I think my favorite out of this box is the PRALINE! Of course original is yummy too :)

Me with praline in my mouth.. I think I ate it after this! lol ^_^ and I think I'm wearing freckletone lipstick! Haven't been wearing blush lately because I'm lazy. That's probably the one makeup product I could live without! I only own about 5 so I think that's pretty okay :)

I really didn't know what to post about tonight! I'm gonna try to post on weekday nights as much as I can but I think I'm going to try to lay off blogger on the weekends xD haha! I'm so addicted... So who's going back to school?? I'm nervous to go to college :( I've already taken all my english classes but not on campus! I researched my professors on www.ratemyprofessors.com and all of them are in the clear but one of my classes I'm not sure who's teaching yet :(

onto the picture tag! :) So Denysia tagged me and it was really fun to do! I had to get this picture off my other laptop because that one has all the photos lol.

* Open my first photo folder
* Scroll down to the 10th photo
* Post that photo and story on my blog
* Tag five {or more} friends to do the same

This picture was taken for my best friend Laura's birthday at TGI Fridays. I'm the one with the white pants you see under that guy in the front! And Laura is the one to the right of me :) There is more people there but I can't find the picture with all the people lol :D Let me just say, TGI Friday's food SUCKS! Or at least this one does. I would never go eat there by choice! haha xD

So onto the tagging..
1) Tina
2) Krystal
3) Vanessa
4) Josie
5) Twinsouls888

Hope everyone has a good night! I bought a lamp from bed bath and beyond for so I can do homework when school begins xD I've still gotta organize my room...!



  1. omG Toblerone!!!!! i love those!! it has this toffeee or some kinda flavor nut in there that i like soo much and bsides the chocolate of course haha damn i cna never work wit dark eyeshadows like black n gray =[ everytime.. this is a good one pretty lindah!

  2. ooOo toblerone! those are yummy! and they remind me of my childhood days, lol! btw i think those walmart people were checking you out! ;) lol thanks for the tag! so interesting! ill def. do that on my next post, hopefully i remember!

  3. love your day smokey look, so pretty! mmmmm i love toblerone too..so yummy

    cute head band, very school girl like :D

  4. Omg you got him Bobo!! thats cool. your dog is so precious :)

    i like the look you did. its soo pretty!

  5. Jack is adorable. Love how he is hugging his toy. (did you pose him for that shot? hehe) I've done it with my doggie :p


  6. Oh my ^_^ Thank so much Linds for tagging me, appreciate it a lot ^_^.

    I really like your eye make up above. You must tell us what colors you used and the steps of how you achieve that look. ahaha I really really like it. You are right about the eyemake up being nice & subtle.

    For me it's a very beautiful "au naturel" look. The steps please and the colors ahaha ^_^

  7. aww you look so gorgeous!
    and your dog is just adorable ! :)

  8. Mmmm...Toblerone! I haven't had that in ages. =D I should get some the next time I go in Wally World.

    You look cute with your bow!!

  9. Your dog is so adorable! That picture is SOOOOO cute, aww, haha.

    And tolberone is LOVE, I remember seeing those big packages all the time. I don't see them in stores, usually only during holidays. :/

    I love that look! It's really pretty, but it looks suitable for daytime, I think people were staring at you cause you're hot! ;)

    Andddddd, I LOVE back to school shopping, I'm such a nerd, I love the fresh crisp paper, new binders, new pens & pencils, haha.

  10. The look is adorable and I love your headband!

    Mmm tolberones!

  11. ahh cutest doggie :) and you makeup and outfit look killer here! but the toblerone is just the icing on the cake haha mmm.

    also ive already done the photo tag, but regardless im still thankful that you tagged me!! :D

  12. Aww your headband is too cute! And omg I love tolberone hahaha! I'm glad that the package got to you- I wasn't sure if it would be sent back because the chick at the counter was new hahaha! Don't worry about college you'll have a great time! Just don't "experiment" too much HAHAHAHA jk :D

  13. Beautiful smokey eye! Your headband is super cute :).

  14. you look lovely : )

    thanks! i appreciate it : ) i've been lemming over melon pigment for sooo long but was too cheap to buy it. if you use it alot, then i think you should just keep it. i don't want to use up your pigment : (

  15. OOOOH SEXY! I love love love smokey looks haha! And mmm I love that candy, the original.

  16. I want that palette!! You have gorgeous eyes!! :D

  17. Cute cute cute! Movie dates are fun, haha.

  18. oh i like the look its very simple on you, but dramatic once you really see it upclose :) i should get myself that palette lol

  19. nooo were sold out over here too. i left the brush in my friends car in like july lol. but i would get you one if they were here! lol

  20. Ohhhh looks really nice!! Darn...you're making that palette look so desirable!!

    That's a cute pic from your best friend's birthday! Looks like fun. =)

  21. i love that look it's very wearable


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