23 July 2009


How's life? I've been at my sister's house watching the puppy since it's her once year anniversary since she's been married :) It's much more joyful this time around than last time because the dog is being more cooperative! lol

So I've acquired these items from the past couple of months... Since the week naked honey came out! :) haha, and yeah that is quite some time so this isn't too bad of damage considering I'm such a mac addict :P

This was a week before the 25% off sale and naked honey had free shipping! I was so excited they had popster because it sold out so fast during the HK release! I love the TLC, it really saves me lips! I like the high-light powder but surprisingly it's a little darker than my skin tone but it's really nice on the cheeks as a subtle blush kinda thing :)

I bought 10 brushes from the 25% SUMO Savings sale! :) The BEST time to stock up on brushes because they aren't selling for full price hehe... I got the: 224, 222, 217, 209, 219, 295, 239, 129, 168, and 187 brush :D my full size brush collection is growing slowly... I'll probably get the rest the next time they have a sale XD

only thing I got from euristocrats 2. well I got "internationalist" at first and "roman holiday" on accident so when I went to exchange roman holiday I ended up returning both because the mua gave me roman holiday instead of rue d rouge. someone needs to learn how to read! LOL, just kidding :) no but seriously, this color is gorgeous! I'm gonna have to do a lip swatch whenever I have time hehe

The only things from colour craft I got! I'm so proud. I didn't get tempted to buy any msfs :) I was gonna get smooth merge but I figured it's gonna look similar to grand duo which I already have so I just passed on it. I got assemblage MES and miss marble l/g. it's the only color I thought that stuck out and I had to get just one for collecting sake! I've used assemblage for a few days already and I really love how versatile the color combo is and how many different looks you can do :D

well, you guys already know I got this if you read my review from the other post a while back. this is how it looks. the palette shifts images like the urban decay pocket rocket glosses :) it's pretty cool but I think the palettes that came out during the holiday was a lot prettier when it comes to the packaging.

what I love about this is... THE BIG ASS MIRROR! it's bigger than the holiday ones that's for sure :) and look it's jack! haha he was trying to sniff my eyeshadows with his wet nose.. that's a big NO NO! left one is fresh cut and right one is graphic garden. I used graphic garden today and it's soo pretty. Just my style because I love my bluessss :)

and lastly, I had to go back to get this baby.. I'm going to have to go to an actual mac store to grab the 226 brush :( or maybe I'll order it online?? IDK but I can't wait to test this baby out! :)

Hope I didn't bore you too much :P I hate blogging when I'm not at home. I just don't get "into the zone" LOL!

I've also bought a few other things too, I'm going to post that up next because I think it deserves it's own post :) hehe, I'm gonna go buy another one (of my secret item, for now) for a contest I'm thinking on having in a month or so xD ahh, you girls are gonna love it! I know I do and I haven't even opened it yet! <3

and I received a package from Iyah! Thanks so much for swapping with me :) I LOVE EVERYTHING! haha, and I'll post that up next too :D I was so excited when I saw what else was in there.... *eek* can't wait to put that online haha... I'm such a loser. I get all giddy when I get packages :)

okay, time to stop rambling! good night girls (and guys) time to go watch fast&thefurious 4 with my babyyy.. and doggy :D



  1. OMG LINDA!! you completed the MAC Brushes?? Please do a post about your MAC brushes! I so want to complete mine too!! X( I wish we have the pro card! LOL!

    You bought a lot!! YAY!!! Retail therapy is love!! :P

  2. OMG!! you got soo much stuff!! how much did everythin cost? soo lucky!! i want mac brushes too and those palettes and eveyrthin else!!!!!!!


  3. wow! what a haul lindah! great brushes!!!

  4. All that MAC makes me drool! lol
    ... I totally want to buy some MAC. =[

  5. drooling hehe..

    got to know a blogger here which went to staff sales as early as 3.30 in the morning to queue up. Guess how much she spend on branded cosmtics included Mac. Over $1,000!!!!

    no kidding.

  6. i am in love with everything you bought lol!

    & yes i've tried the acne gel. it was my HG back when i had extreme acne a year ago. if you use it, be careful because its more liquidy than gel based.

  7. Nice haul!
    And that's a lot of brushes, but then again you can never have too many (:

  8. woah so many MAC brushes! lovely haul!

  9. Wow so much MAC! :D & I think it was really cute how you could see the puppy in the mirror of the palette~! hahah

  10. WOWWWW- you be haulin' and ballin'- haha!

    Seriously you got some great stuff Linda!

  11. love the haul, girly! I can't wait to see the MES on you. It's one of my faves from that collection :)

    Yes for our matching toes!! I'll definitely let you know how turned up turquoise works out :)

  12. LOL Thanks!! I love those palettes.. I'd like to see swatches of 'em :) PLEASE??? Can't wait to see your next post :)


  13. pretty...Im in love with the palettes!! I havent been out shopping since im trying to cut back :( SUX

  14. Wow, all the Mac items you purchased looks gorgeous! I have an invite link to haute look, if you want to check out the Korres items. They don't have everything but the items they have are 50% off! And I think the sale ends in like 67 hours, or something like that. haha. The link: http://www.hautelook.com/invite/DChu961988. Check them out and let me know how it goes! :)

  15. hey girl~
    lol. Yea, I have pinchable cheeks. haha. My friends think so too.

    Wow~ so many MAC stuff. I've been trying to save up for the last couple of months, but most went to food and other expenses.

  16. So much Mac! I really want to start getting full sized brushes, but I only have the 187 lol. Your dog is so cute w/ the reflection in the palette! Have you tried the warm color palette (pinks? Idk the name too lazy to look it up)? I LOVE the packaging for this collection!

  17. Wow! Thats a lot of MAC! Good point about getting the brushes when they're 25% off! I should prob do that next time :)

  18. whoa that's so much MAC I'm jealous! Hehe I just finished making your hair stuff! I will drop it off at the post office tomorrow and it will be shipped on Monday :D Hope you're having a great weekend cruzing with your RSX!

  19. all of it wonderful ;)

    have a great weekend :)

  20. holy shizzzzz! that's alot of MAC BRUSHES! Whoa! How much did you spend? Ahahahahaha, I don't even have one and yet, you totally blown me away with all of those! Amazing =]

    And OMG! The doggy is in the mirror, so cuteeee!

  21. omg this made me wanna go to mac so bad lol.

    yeah l/s does get on the lipringgg. hopfully ima get snake bites soon too!!

  22. this just inspired me to make a wishlist based on your purchase lol
    that is a HUGE haul!!!

  23. uh wow!! somebody went haul happy!!! great idea on the brush!!! im with iyah!!! i want to see ur mac brushes!!

  24. oh my gosh you got so many brushes, Im so jealous!!!


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