14 July 2009


Okay so I don't post up fashion pieces for a reason! I can't dress! lol xD But since I went to the mall the other day (yesterday??) and I was outside of express and OMG I fell in love!! I haven't seen anything I've liked since last year and even then I was feeling a little "mehh" but this year I better buy something! So I'm thinking about my budget and how I'm going to afford this :/ I've mentioned that I paid cash for my recent mac purchase and I had to borrow $700 from my mother who was gladly willing to let me have it :P $220 is from the iPod rebate and I'm planning to pay her back montly. I think I'm covered for the first month so that's okay! So maybe I'll use that money to buy some of these styles below xD

I usually don't shop often at expensive places ($30 and up) because there's a lot of korean owned shops and forever 21 pieces that are just my size! :) The korean shirts I've noticed that they sometimes shrink and ends up not fitting well. Forever 21 shirts however keep their shape for me but they never have a small so I always end up getting mediums and it's too loose lol! I usually buy everything in black, or shades of grey, or white :P I rarely buy colors unless I really like it! I just think it's easier for me to match this way haha.

I don't have any jackets are winter is going to roll around sooner than we think! (okay, maybe not so soon) I fell in love with these jackets... my boyfriend has a badass one from forever 21 from last year! It was only around $40! That was a steal, I wish they had a nice one I liked but nopeeee :(

OMGOSH, look at it! It's so sexyy LOL xD I think the asymmetrical aspect of this piece really lures me in! AND THE FAUX FURRR!


This one looks really nice too! It has this charlie's angels feel to it :) I think it's cheaper because there's no faux fur to this jacket.

Last year, I spent the whole winter buying trench coats so I have too many and I'm not sure if I really like the way it wears anymore :/ STUPID KOREAN STORES AND THEIR PRICES! lol, always luring me in xD

I personally like the black one because the white one will make me look tanned as fuck! lol, I took a picture at the aquarium one time and I was like O_O what's wrong with my color?!?! haha


This one looks like a really nice going out piece :D I really like the fitted look and the front detailing makes it unique!


I really like it because I never had anything snakeskin looking before and I thought this piece was a cool looking dress! Well, I'm GOING to wear it as a dress, haha. Seems affordable if you think of it that way :P

I have a shirt similar to this style from forever 21 except it's too big! When I bend over you could probably see my feet LOL xD I just don't want to give it up because it matches my gap shoes perfectly :) but anywho, I really like the back of this! I wasn't a big fan of it at first but now I seem to like it :D

This one is unique looking at the front! I'm not sure about it though because I'm not a big fan of halters and the way it fits my body... I'll probably have to try this one on for a few minutes :P


I always seem to go towards these styles! xD What can I say?

I'm in love with the way the front looks but I'm not so sure about the back! It's gorgeous though, I see this style being sported by a lot of celebs in the magazines! I'm probably going to just have to buy it and keep it in my closet :)

Ahh, so that's it! That's most of my "I WANT THIS" list lol. I'm going to get one of those jackets though, I'm just not sure which one. What do you girls think? I need your opinions!

What do you think of my "sense of style"? xD


  1. super nice! I've been wanting one of the leather jackets too. haha. and I like some of the shirts you picked out! but.. I hope you don't go overboard if you actually end up buying all of it -___- It's a little on the expensive side. Anything from Express, I have to get in an x-small. None of their clothes shrink... FYI! at least not the ones I purchased. the lace-back cami... you should look into victoria secret's. I purchased something different but still the same and it was $40. There's another one that looks exactly like that for $15 at Victoria Secret's.
    leather jacket... I like the one with no fur. lol.

  2. ooo, these are great. I love the items you picked out!! I just bought the best leather jacket at Urban Outfitters last month. I loved it so much I bought it in black and cognac!


  3. everything is so fashion forward! ive been searching for a bomber jacket too! haha and i buy a lot of black too but im so not emo lol. Cute post!

  4. Cute picks. =)
    Leather jackets a great piece for Fall, at least I think so. hehe.
    I luv to shop at Express, esp. for the jeans. I luv them. they are have some cute tops at times. =)

  5. super cute clothes! too bad my stomach would look huge in those clothes! you should buy some of those tops, and those leather jackets are amazing!!! :)

  6. you've definitely got a sense of style :) me likes the belted jacket *drooools* hehe! and that last black dress!

  7. Ooh I like that jacket! I love this twilight jacket too!


  8. Whoah love the snakeskin! they all look sexy! and the leather jackets are smoking hot!!! :)

    You mentioned to me that you wanna swap the mac hk brush holder? is there any particular thing you wanna swap it for?

  9. The 2nd leather jacket is cuter :) Now I wanna goto express and try it on. It's crazy how a XS/S jacket still looks really big on me, but we'll see :)

  10. Love the blog!Come by mine sometime and check it out x

  11. love them all! wow! specially the jackets and the black dress!

  12. ooooh the ruffle top looks BEAUTIFUL! I want it I want it! Same as the leather jacket, heh so bad ass! :D

    P.S Turbo is 5, so he's pretty old for a rabbit we think he's about to drop the bucket soon cuz he's so overweight and lazy ahhhh...

  13. Nice picks! i like the belt leather jacket, ruffle top and black fringe top xD

  14. Ohhhhh, I love the tiered ruffled shirt and that dress! Oh my gosh, that is a really interesting dress (:

  15. I love your sense of style ;) REALLLLY, I DO! I don't think I would ever be able to pull off wearing a leather jacket, but you sure will! Mmm! Love what you posted =]

  16. Ooh what a great spree! I wish we had Express in Canada even though I think they are a tad bit overpriced, their clothes are so nice!

  17. i love everything you posted. the dress is gorgeous!

  18. wow all of em are gorgeous but i most luv the split flutter sleeve V neck and alina dress.

  19. wow they are nice :) sure hope they are available in Malaysia. :)

    oh yeah a giveaway open to us only pls check out http://sherryshopping.blogspot.com

  20. That is some HOT dress! like the last one? i love the back!
    hehe nice pictures !

  21. Hey girlll!!! Thanks for the wishes on my last post :)
    I ABSOLUTELY love that first leather coat with the fur. And that's honestly not that bad of a price, I've seen more expensive! It's adorable! I also love that black tiered leopard shirt, it's really cute and you can pair that with so many different things... I also love that black shirt with the jewels in the center... looks like some major cleavage "opportunities" there hahhaa....

    I didn't realize Express had so many cute things!!


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