07 July 2009


You can watch the video for details...
OR, skip to the good stuff! lol GOSH I'm so happy I got a new macbook pro :D I was missing my old one so bad...! LOL xD

So first place goes to...
Denysia click here to go to her blog :)

and the second place winner goes to....
Jess click here to go to her blog

So both of you contact me with your full name and mailing address :D If you do not do so within the next 2 days then I will have to reselect the winner and I'm lazy so don't make me do that you two!!! >:)


BUT anyway, if you watched the video you will know that I'm 18 :D

Jess' comment full blown out said that I was 18! lol, I guess it's because she's read my blog for a while now... Oh well, hope everyone had fun! :) Youtube is being stupid so I can't upload my video on there but whateverrrr.

Natalie gave me an award like two weeks ago, thanks natalie! Krystal also gave me this award like a week ago lol, this is LONG overdue! sorry for taking forever xD

The rules for this awards are as follows:
1. Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
2. Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.
3. Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them.
4.Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged
5.Paste the award badge in your side bar.

Who Gave Me the Award:
1.  She's super amazing at nails!
2. Her favorite colors are yellow and red.
3. She has a baby boy names Alejandro Rey
4. She lives with her momma (same with me lol)
5. She's also indecisive (like me xD)

1. She's a dry skin girl, LIKE ME! lol, can't live without lotion
2. She has a cute daughter named Mikayla
3. Her teeth craves sweets!
4. She recently (somewhat) cut her hair short :)
5.  She loves the smell of books!

Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.
1. I've won/been recognized for awards in the video editing field :) I'm very proud of myself for all the things I've accomplished in the last year.
2. I'm in my shopaholic point in my life where I spend money each day! It's gotta stop lol, lately I've been buying cosmetics but it used to be foodddd lol
3. I just graduated high school this year! Yes, if you watched my giveaway stuff it adds up :D Didn't graduate in the top 10% or anything though but I was a texas scholar!
4. I've just started playing with makeup around late september of 2008. Never use to be into the whole eyeshadow thing. Just your basic mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and chapstick. Sometimes I'll wear lipgloss lol
5. Recently (on July 4th) I just bought myself a macbook pro in cash! I'm so proud I could even save up money :)
6. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 3 years now! I guess we're high school sweethearts hehe, I think we'll get married one day :D
7. I drive a Acura RSX, the 2003 model. I wish it were a type S but at least I found a standard! Honestly, I would be embarrassed (a personal thing) to drive an automatic! LOL, just me though. Well I think it's embarrassing when a guy who thing he's a hardass drives an automatic but that's about it.
8. I used to have really bad acne. It was so bad that I had to see a dermatologist for a few months to start clearing it up. It left me with nasty scars all over my cheeks but surprisingly no pock marks! :)
9. I live in a small, comfy house with the perfect amount of rooms for my family. My boyfriend lives in this huge ass enormous house that has wayyy to many empty rooms. I hate sleeping here! I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to go use the bathroom lol. So in all my videos I'm in all the different rooms they have xD
10. I went to austin, tx for a film festival (SXSW) and it was the SHIT! I got to meet so many famous industry people i.e. Robert Rodriguez, Henry Selick, Anna Faris, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Jeffrey Tambor, and so many others :) It was a hell of an experience but too bad my boyfriend didn't get to experience it with me since it was a school sanctioned event :(

Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them.
1. Krystal (yes giving this back to you!) Always posting cute contest looks! 
2. Natalie, always super cute nail designs. You guys should check her out :)
3. Whit - great reviews and it's like a swatch galore, plus she does amazing neutral looks!
4. Eki - blog is always filled with super cute kawaii stuff
5. Vanessa - does really great looks
6. Julie (pop champagne) - has really nice photos! Very great model, well better than I can be xD
7. Beverly - she's the sweetest person ever - my very first follower too! lol
8. Becky - her makeup is always rockin'
9. Tina - she recently got a tat! her blog is so cute, very pink!
10. Adrienne - definitely has great fotds with good finds :)

This is taking me forever. Well FOREAL my next post is going to be a real post with updates and such lol.

I'm not going to go drop everyone a comment because I've got some business to attend to in the bedroom ;D 

Talk to you guys soon ;)



  1. i won!????? awesome! well.. it was kinda easy... just subtract.. since it did say ur not 21 until.. blah blah blahhahahha wow ! im suprised!! yayy!!

  2. oOOhh btw.. cute video.. luckyy i want a macbook tooo!!! i feel like im the only gurl thats still on a desktop! hahah

  3. Thanks for all your sweet comments and thanks for giving me an award!!! :)

    ANNDDD I'm really surprised your 18!! Holy poop!! I would have never guessed that... :) Ahhh to be young again.. haha lol jk

    That's toocute that you and your boyfriend are high school sweet hearts... me and my boyfriend are high school sweet hearts as well :) I've been dating him for 6 and 1/2 yrs... crazy huh! I need a damn ring haha


  4. what a cute videoo lindaaa! yay got ur age correct! haha i wish i was 18 again...lol! and congrats to the lucky winners!

  5. omg Linda!! 18???? I thought you were older than that girl- crazy beans!

    Hey, let me know when you get your package- I sent it out yesterday :)

  6. Congrats to the winners :)

    I enjoyed readings all those facts about you. Wow! You got to meet so many cool people. & I used to know how to drive standard (lived in the Philippines for a year), but then I forgot when I was forced to learn automatic. Weeeeeh.

  7. ohh you did a great job as Paris, love the eye-makeup!!

    so many winners, congrats to them :)

  8. Thank you for the awesome giveaway Linda! I emailed you earlier today. I got up like at 6:00AM, and read that I won! But I didn't have time to email you, because I was at work. Haha. Hope you got my email! :)

  9. Awww thanks for the awards hun I'll do it up this weekend!!

    And 18?! Dammmn I KNEW you were around 18-19 but I guessed 25 just to be different! haha! Congrats to those ladies

    P.S omggg and you have an Acura RSX?! You know how long I've been wanting/looking for an RSX?!?!?! TOTALLY JEALOUS!


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