04 July 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I wish you all a safe and fun day :)

Here's some tips I made up for you based on experiences!

Tip #1. Don't try to launch an artillery shell with your hand. It won't work! That's why they give you that tube thing! Hopefully no one tries this again this year.. If this does happen, apply mustard to the hand while on your way to the ER!

Tip #2. Have a lighter with the handle thing, the ones they use for candles and such. It'll pay off with blackcats if you have a slow reaction like me! xD

Tip#3. Don't aim artillery shells at the temple because they have dry grass and it WILL cause a fire although it looks f*ckin' cool when it explodes on the ground :D

Tip#4. Have fun and don't drink and drive :) You might drive into a firecracker fight and mess up the paint on your car, or better yet a fire cracker land into your muffler and explode in that Greddy exhaust :D (okay well this didn't happen to me or anyone I know, but it seems probable xD)


further updates, I'm been a busy bee this week so haven't had time to really leave anyone comments, but I read them! I got this app on my iPhone now. Google reader! LOL xD I can honestly say I'm addicted to blogger now O_O If you guys with iPhones want to check it out it's called GRiS!

Also, I bought me a macbook Pro today... CASH! Got my college student discount + apple care + iPod touch today :) Grand total was: $2,186 after tax.. woooo! I'm excited

On my next post, I'll announce the winners of my giveaway and mail out the prizes as soon as the people contact me. I've actually got everything ready :) Also, I'll post up my day/night contest look.

Again, Be SAFE!



  1. hey lindah!! happy 4th of july girl! thanks for the tips.. haha
    & ooo soo lucky! new laptop+ipod touch! i love my ipod touch! alrighttyy take care, and cant wait to see your day/night contest entry!

  2. Haha... awww... mac's are soooo pretty! everyone is making me want to get an iphone now! haha. happy 4th of july lindah! :)

  3. happy 4th girl! congrats on your mac purchases!!

  4. Ooh! You must love your MACS ;) Good purchases! What a way to enjoy school, haha! YOU'RE SO RIGGGGGHT GIRL, you are part of the 99.9% that I was talking about in my other blog... Haha.

  5. Ha, great tips!! I hope you had a wonderful 4th!


  6. yayyy for macbooks!!! havent you fell inlove with it! lolll CASH! damn girl!! hahaha im still paying mine off! hahaah

  7. oooh congrats on your new mac! And hope you had a wonderful July 4th weekend!


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