20 May 2009

Doggy-Sitting + Cotton Candy Kisses

I've been staying at my sister's house since Saturday since she went out of town to California :) That's why its been so hard to update! Sorry if I haven't been commenting, I promise I'm reading them on my phone when I really shouldn't be.. :P

Meet Jack. He's the reason I'm even here! LOL, she didn't want him to starve and go crazy :P

His hair was so long before but I took him to go get a haircut :) The lady that cut his hair had to give him an oatmeal shampoo because he had a red rash or something :( I feel so bad like it's my fault but hopefully it wasn't! My brother in law said he might've left the flea shampoo on too long before he left :/

Anywho, onto beauty related things! Here's my look for Katrina's contest. I think she moved the date to end on 05/25 so go join! :D I'm gonna have to say I didn't get to put as much time as I wanted to into this look as I planned because of Jack lol. He just wants so much attention! I had to do this at home before I left to my sister's house. Didn't want to lug all that makeup with me :P

She had two options, "boom boom pow" and "candy shop". I actually did both looks but I didn't like the way the other one turned out. My inspiration was cotton candy because I always have to get fresh cotton candy everytime the state fair comes :D

I messed up putting the falsies on but the glue dried before I could fix it :P

Not sure why my face looks so light in the pictures. I think I have the "lighter skin tone" setting on or something?

I tried to blend the lipstick together with "purple in the inside" and "pink on the outside" like I been sucking on a grape lollipop or something but it didn't show up on camera right.

Tried to look as much of a little kid as I could lol! That's why my hair is in pig tails :P

-- eyes
Urban Decay Peace e/s, all over the lid
MAC Romping e/s, in the crease
Urban Decay Ransom e/s, outer v
Benefit Pre-Nup cream e/s, inner corner
Urban Decay Scratch e/s, highlight
Urban Decay Lush e/l, top lashline but I don't think you can see it in the photo
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
Ardell 103(?)

-- cheeks
NYX Pinky blush

-- lips
NYX Narcissus l/s on outer lip
NYX Eggplant l/s on inner lip

Hope you like my entry Katrina! Did my best with my little time I had before I had to go spend time with Jack :D

I have a lot of posts saved that I need to finish with lol :) Until next time ladies!



  1. thank you so much for your comment lindah! :)

    wow! this look is so cute! love the color combo. it's great!! <3

  2. oo thats a cute look! the blush is nice~! oh btw...its a giveaway post girl! make your comment count on my bloggie ;D

  3. i just realized i didn't answer your question, LOL i live in brooklyn but i bought the popster in manhattan, macys herald square ;D the MUA said i was really lucky cus she only found one more LOL

  4. hehe linda-doll!! you are so cute- i love this look! haha

  5. cute puppy :D and even cuter look :D

  6. how cute!! you are sweet just like candy! MmmMmm =) lovez it! did u cut ur hair? good luck wit the contest.. sweeter than me! heheh xoxo


  7. You look so different with contacts girl but in a great way! You look so cute and pretty!! I love the look! :)

  8. Awww! What a beautiful and cute look! :) I like it! The hair really helped too ;)

    Ooooh @ the dog! I'll be too scared to dog sit.

  9. You are so sexay girl :D! You are the cotton candy mmmMmmm i want some. Call me sometime *Wink Wink*

  10. Wow super kawaii and colorful!! :D Haha, love the lenses on you.

  11. Aww the little doggy ^^

    Cute makeup!

  12. what a cute dog! You are so adorable! You definitely pulled off this look!

  13. hahaha that provez how much i pay attention to ur blog & posts! =) ur hair was long before.. so if u tie it up it should still look long.. but these pix doesnt.. 99 lindah! xoxo

  14. THis is cuuuteness i love it. your eyes look AMAZING ! i would totally wear this to places its really nice.

  15. OMG jack is sosososo cuteee!!! i loveee ur contest entry! you did an awesome job!! goodluckk!! ahh so im back at school for spring/summer and already had 2 exams! loll can u believe that! heh hope all is well :) xoxo

  16. sweet!! u know i love ur entry!!

  17. ahhh yeah you remember...you were playing with louie and you kept calling him JACK. Your such a DORKIE >.<

    Thats right i said it. Now shoot me.

  18. I don't know haha I try to post at least 3 times à week!

    I should try this China Glaze polish (=

  19. Ohhh I love this look very cute and fun! :)

  20. youre soo pretty and adorable in this one :)


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