12 May 2009

ReVisit: Too Dolly Palette + CherryCulture Haul

I was cleaning out my makeup today (yes, even all my old mascaras I don't use. chunked them all!) and I decided to play with my HK Too dolly palette. I didn't use the teal color this time. I usually stray away from the pinkt in there but today I decided to use it :)

I used a base, then I put NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on top like in my lady gaga video..

The bitch crease! :( I should've stuck with UDPP like I was going to use in the first place but I used TFSI! I mean it's good when there's not something creamy on top. But anywho, I liked the way it turned out besides the creasing :)

I'm breaking out all over my face! :( you can't tell much in the picture because I guess the flash was reflected off my "light reflecting" shimmers lol. Wearing the "B52" lipstick with "Nice Kitty l/g" on top :D I also went motion crazy today and edit the photos with labels :P I should really do it to all my photos but I'm just too lazy!

I took advantage of the NYX sale but I ordered off cherry culture :D I didn't really own any NYX before this because it's really hard to find NYX products over here. I see they're finally putting some into Ulta but the ones they have are really natural (and full price :P)

Click the images to enlarge :)

Here's all I got:

A comparison picture with MAC HK since I was playing around with them today :) I didn't swatch them yet but "Pinky" and "Tippy" look so similar in the pics!

Lipliners. I only own one before this and it was a NYX one LOL! Hasn't even been sharpened yet, that's how much I use it

Round Glosses. Haven't tested them out yet, I was just real excited to post this up. Honestly, I didn't even open them yet! x)

Round lipsticks. I used B52 today but I don't think it matched real well with my eyeshadow haha! They were real moisturizing :)

Stupid mail man stuck it in my mailbox and it was so hot today in texas! See cocoa? All that sweat! I guess that one didn't recover yet :P I left them in front of my fan for almost an hour to try to cool them down. I was thinking freezer but then I'd probably forget all about it lol

I got more jumbo pencils :) *Note to self* Don't use TFSI underneath! Use UDPP!

I'm definitely going to join Katrina's contest :D I got a whole rainbow to use now xP Will definitely work on a look for you Wednesday or Thursday :) Check it out if you haven't yet, it sounds really fun and colorful.

I have a scheduled appointment with myself and the boyfriend's little sister to wash makeup brushes this week.. I hope I remember and don't get sidetracked :P



  1. Wow they do look very similar! Great haul!!

  2. wow!! you got lots of NYX!! YUM YUM!!! :D

    and the look is very pretty!! I still didnt touch any of my palettes. I know. I'm so lame!! ahahaha

  3. Yes! Put all the great makeup to good use by joining contests! Hehehe

  4. Those jumbo pencils are too cute! & what a range of beautiful colors!

    I know! Dogs are so cute! Actually, I don't like cats eheh! & I have allergies x=

  5. wow i love your HAUL! cute look btw, blended so perfectly! &i love purplesss! and wow mac's tippy and nyx's pinky really does look similar!

  6. check out all the goodies!!! mmmmm!!! i was so excited when i finally got to try nyx jumbo stick but my lids are too oily for them...booo!!!

    i can't wait to see ur entry!!!

  7. Nice haul!! :)

    & The eyeshadow looks so pretty on you! <3

  8. great haul!! thnx for the dupe! i actually had tippy but i swapped it so now i'll def pick up pinky :) pretty pretty prettyy FOTD!

    ps: im back in spring school! wahhh! heh back to studying all the time + the lack of blog posts! lol

  9. great look! and what a haul! I hope NYX will be avail here. :(

  10. love the look linda!
    and damn that's a HUAL AND A HALF!
    i should've gotten taupe damnit i forgot! i just placed a order yesterday sheeeeeet

  11. awesome haul u got so many goodies...I was going to get the jumbo e/s pencil in milk but it is always sold out!! are u going to swatch the products...would love to see :D

  12. wow, u got so much fun stuff to use! good luck on katrina's contest!im entering too, but im new to the makeup world, so i probably wont win, but im gonna have fun playing with the makeup!!! (^-^)

  13. Nice haul! I also took advantage of the sale!! =D I'm still waiting from mine.

  14. sigh i should've taken advantage of the NYX sale...LOL but your haul looks amazing!!!

  15. omgosh all that NYX jumbo pencils <3 and the round lipstick in b52 is love <33

  16. I love nyx!!!!

    I really want to try the taupe blush for more of a contour.

    I love the jumbo sticks too. So great as a base but I always use udpp under them!

  17. <3 nyx! I wanna see swatches of amethyst and true red! I always forget to use udpp with my jumbo pencils. Gosh, they are so notorious for creasing!

  18. omg u are so cuuuuuute! i love the look girl! btw thanks for the comment. and ur right, REAL CATS are ugly and not so cuute! hahahahha! ur so funnyy

  19. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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