08 May 2013

Collective NOTW's

After I got my dad handed me down his iPhone 4, I've been taking a lot more pictures of random things. In fact, I've been pretty good at taking photos of my nails everytime I do them! Here's just a quick post on that since I haven't made a new post in a while :)

Added some top coat to the nails before that one to make it more interesting

Closer details of the finish, yet the photo still uploads blurry.

Just something to look at, not really any explanations because I'm a bit lazy to go grab my nail polishes and see, but if you're interested in knowing, ask and I shall reveal ;)

As you can see though, I've been obsessed with glitters. They're easier than nail art, and they add some personality to my nails! ^__~

`til next time.


  1. yay for glitter!!!! I love all of them =)

  2. Hi Lindah! I love glitter too - all sorts, the fine glitter, the chunkier glitter....I agree that adding a glitter top coat easily jazzes up a plain nail polish colour and is wayyyy easier than any nail art :) I love the nude polish you used and the turquoise is so pretty! Turquoise is one of my favourite colours actually - I think it really compliments our slightly tanned skin and dark hair :)

  3. Love the nails!! Glitters are my fave, but removing them is not. HAHA. Love the colors.

  4. I love the silver sparkles on your nails. Since I've gotten my S3, I've been taking pictures of randomness nonstop! Love that instagram is available for android these days haha

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