11 May 2013

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream Review & Swatches

When I first purchased this eye cream, it was $3 cheaper. I also logged on to the Sephora website and  found out that I lost my VIB status. (I've really given up makeup, holy crap!) I remember the first time I tried it, I instantly fell in love. The SA at the Bobbi Brown counter gave me a sample of it when I first bought their eye liner. In fact, she gave me so many packets that I got to try it out for about a month before actually purchasing it!

It took me a very long time to purchase this product. It wasn't available in-store at Sephora and I didn't want to buy it from Nordstrom if it's a product I can get points on. It was $46 when I purchased it but now it's selling for a whopping $49!! For me, that's still cheaper than a lot of the eye creams I was considering on purchasing at the time. Plus, I wanted to spend up to 50 bucks so I could get free shipping but didn't want to spend more than I needed. After days of delaying, I finally found a product to settle on that would make me right at the mark for free shipping.

Here's some product information:

"What it is:
A hydrating cream that refreshes the eye area and prepares it for a seamless concealer application.

What it does:
This luxurious, concentrated cream is absorbed quickly—it delivers naturally occurring humectants that virtually melt into the skin. Before makeup application, a perfect level of emollients imparts a lightweight texture, allowing concealer to glide on evenly. Use in the evening to boost skin's ability to recharge and rehydrate during the nightly repair process. It plumps fine lines and improves skin's overall tone and texture. Skin looks and feels stronger and healthier. It leaves the eye area soft, smooth, and refreshed for up to 24 hours." -Sephora

The logo on the lid reminds me of a university theme or something. I'm definitely not going to miss this because dust accumulates on top of the lid into the crevices. It's not really that bad but it bothers me. Sometimes I think I have OCD.

The product itself is pretty solid. It doesn't get all over the lid whenever I travel with it which I LOVE! I remember when I used to have the Clinique All About Eyes and it would get everywhere since it wasn't as thick in texture.

Hygienic wise, this product fails. It comes in a pot so you have to dig your fingers in it. I only ever apply it after I wash my face or get out of the shower so in my head my hands are clean. I've also never gotten anything in it and it's always been that clean white color. Also what bugs me is whenever your nails get long and the product ends up under your nails. I absolutely HATE that! 

Here's a picture of the product smeared onto my hand with a q-tip. It's thick enough to hold its own but don't let that deceive you! It's actually very emollient and creamy. It hydrates my under eye very well and I feel like it plumps it up because that area can get very dehydrated for me. If I didn't wash my face, I would say it lived up to the claim of hydrating your under eye for 24 hours!

Here's the product rubbed in. You can still see a sheen on my hand from the moisture being absorbed in but it's not glistening! It really absorbs quickly but for me I have to be careful and not get it anywhere but my under eye because I notice it doesn't absorb as quickly if I get it around my cheekbones.

Here's the product applied to my eye. Don't mind the hairs growing back, I was getting ready for bed at this point and don't mind the red lines in my eyes. I actually got oil in my eyes when I was removing my makeup so it was slightly irritated. Also the color is off because I didn't use good lighting when I took this but it still seemed "detail" enough to see the product in action

As you can see, my eye looks pretty hydrated in my opinion! It definitely preps it for concealer really well and takes care of the tiny little fine lines and plumps them up. It also makes applying eye makeup easier too since my eye isn't all dry and stuff and it helps my brushes not drag around.


Overall I would repurchase this eye cream! I'm not going to right at this moment since upon poking at the website I found that there's soooo many more eye creams on the market now and they're cheaper! I found a few that peaks my interest so I'll be giving those a try before repurchasing this one.

What eye creams have you tried and love? I'd really love to know so I can research about them!


  1. Eye creams!! I'm looking for new eye creams to try. This looks good. My skin is dry, so this might help out my under eye problems. Thank you!

    By the way, I did change my URL a year ago, but I haven't posted in a while.. I'm back! HAHA. I miss the beauty world.

  2. Oh wow, $50 for an eye cream is so steep but granted, I have heard many amazing things about this. I really think prevention is key when it comes to anti-aging so the investment is probably very worth it :)

    xx Stephanie @ Fantasia Beauty Blog

  3. I haven't tried anything by Bobbi Brown because she's expensive! But I'm always in the market for a good eye cream :) And I also hate having to dig in a jar with my long nails. I need to invest in some spatulas.

  4. Great review Lindah. I haven't tried this eye cream before. The one I am using now is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night serum for eyes in rotation with my MAC Fast Response Eye Cream. I haven't found any eye cream that did wonders for me...but then again I don't have very dry skin around my eyelids. I'm just using eye cream in hopes of preventing pre-mature wrinkles. And yep, I know what you mean about getting cream under your nails when you dig into jars :S Most of my jar creams come with spatulas so that helps solve the problem - I'm surprised for the price that this Bobbi Brown eye moisturizer didn't come with a spatula

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