15 October 2011

Review: MAC Plush Lash Mascara

Hello all!

So I've been trying out MAC Plush Lash mascara for almost a month now and I'm loving it! :)

I feel like it doesn't take too much work to get it to the way I like it so that's a plus and it saves time! This mascara doesn't flake on me either, especially since I've had it sitting in my drawer for about a year before ever cracking it open. The formula is moist, but not overly wet to where it takes foreverrrr and a day to dry.

This mascara only comes in the shade plushblack and it retails for $15USD so it's not totally expensive but I know it's not the usual $7-$8 drugstore price tag, but its definitely not the $25 department store price tag either.

The brush is chunky and short, compared to other volumizing mascaras which usually comes as a chunky long brush. I haven't poked myself in the eye with it yet so I'm satisfied with that :)

Of course, I dislike reviews of products that aren't tested on what it's meant to be used on so here are photos on my lashes. My bare naked lashes are sad excuses so there's no point of even putting a picture of that up :P

I'm kinda making a squinty eye right there in case your wondering lol. I also blurred out the browns of my eyes because I didn't like that you can see the reflection of the background in them XD

I quite like them. My outer lashes are kinda sparse and curve inwards (probably because of the way I sleep since I'm a side sleeper and my face is smashed into the pillow lol) but this mascara handles them pretty well! ^_^

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts on it 'cause I'd like to know :)

Will I repurchase? Definitely will be picking up a tube when I'm done with this one and the other million mascaras I'm trying out :D

Speaking of purchasing, NORDSTROM is having a buy 2, get 1 mascara event. Catch is it has to be from one brand to apply so you could buy Lancome and MAC or another brand and end up with 6 mascaras total. This event will be happening on the last weekend of October or the first weekend of November. I didn't pay close enough attention but if you're interested I could get more details for y'all!

Have a good day loves!



  1. I"ve never tried a MAC mascara before. My HG mascara is a drug store brand, Maybelline! lol

  2. hmm, it makes lashes look.....powdery? some kind of texture... odd formula to me

  3. Maybelline mascaras are usually good for me! :)

    I guess it looked powdery because when I put the second coat on it was already kinda dry lol.

  4. I saw this mascara at a MAC counter and fell in love with the round brush applicator. I definitely want to get my hands on this mascara!


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