11 October 2011

Haul: MAC Hue Lipstick & Lip Swatches

Hello dolls :)

I swung by MAC on Sunday after work to check out the new holiday collection. I'm totally LOVING the white packaging, but the silver glitter ruined it for me -__- lol. I purchased all the paint pots and I'm debating on a brush set or two just because of the random new brushes in there :X

While I was there I brought some of the empty pots to BACK2MAC for a new lipstick :) I ended up getting Hue. I'm trying to steer away from all the limited edition shades now and gear towards permanent stuff :D

MAC Hue Lipstick

The only thing that bugs me about getting a BACK2MAC is I don't get a box!! The way I store my makeup I like to have the box label on top so I don't have to flip it over and look UNDER the lipstick lol. My photo is a little more towards the brown side so sorry about that! This is why I don't like blogging at night but if I didn't then I wouldn't be able to blog at all. Sighh!

MAC Hue Lipstick on Lips

Okay, but this picture makes me mad because everything turned out a little more pink than it should be! UGHH.. lol, but Hue is a sheer nude pink :) I like the lipstick, but I think I'm gonna invest in a more pinky-nude lipliner because when I wear nudes you can never tell where my lipline starts or ends since it's not very prominent which sometimes I like the look.


From my one of my previous posts, [HAUL: Posh Paradise & Styledriven], I purchased the pro longwear lipliner in Nice 'n' Spicy. I finally tried it out on my lips and I love it! Since it's longwearing, it does have that dry, tight feeling to it.

Nice 'n' Spicy Pro Longwear Lip Pencil on Lips

So above is a swatch of it applied all over my lips. It's really matte and does get to the point where it feels uncomfortably dry if you aren't going to put anything on top.

Nice 'n' Spicy Pro Longwear Lip Pencil & MAC The Faerie Glen Lipstick on Lips

I applied MAC The Faerie Glen (released with Tartan Tale, I think) on top and I like the result of this lipstick more with the lipliner! With nude shades like I mentioned earlier, my lipline sorta disappears and with a straight up nude I feel like it looks like concealer lips. I like how it looks more defined but not overly defined :) Now I can start wearing more nude shades again ^_~!

Do you prefer lipstick with lipliner?


I have a mascara review coming up soon ;) I fell in love... lol, it's been a while since I've found a mascara I like and actually stuck with! Stay tuned for that, and it's not massively expensive like some dior ones I've had in the past!



  1. I love Hue, it's one of my favorite lipstick! So easy to pull off, it looks like a gloss x

  2. I used to only be able to blog at night too. It'd be like 2 in the morning and I'd be on my laptop blogging rather than sleeping. haha



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