31 October 2011

Haul: MAC Glitter and Ice

Happy Halloween everyone! (or what's left of it.)

I did absolutely nothing for Halloween this year except work. I guess I did something the previous week and have a few pictures of that so that'll be the next post ;P

Today I spent all morning in the campus library while waiting for my *friend* to be done with class since I went to school with him lol. I FINALLY purchased my textbook and downloaded all the files we were suppose to have. Looked at the online homework and realized it's not due until another week or so, so I decided to read blogs! I swear when I don't have time to read, that's when everyone blogs! I didn't get through reading them in the two hours and I don't even follow that many people! (btw, any blog recommendations? I've been out of the loop and wanna start following more people!)
hehe, my panda backpack ;) childish I know, but I like to have cute looking bags lol. It's more toned down than the hello kitty I was going to get ^_^ && gotta blog through my mac!


I didn't haul much from MAC this year from their holiday collection. AND I didn't haul anything from Sephora's f&f sale. SUPER SHOCKER?! Yes, but that's because I'm broke too. Plus all my skincare has been stocked up already so there's really no point :/ I did get the VIB sale in the mail for the next two weeks though so maybe it'll give me another chance to get at least something I'm interested in.

*DUN DUN DUN...* All I got were three paint pots. I had some interest in a few other things but it didn't quite make the cut for me.
I didn't realize until I got home that they came in special packaging... and yet I wondered why it was more than usual for three paint pots -___-" It's also because I preordered it and everything was bagged up and ready when I got there (:
They come with white lids rather than black, but other than that and the box it's basically the same packaging. The OCD in me is dying .____. they don't match any of my other paint pots, and I have a ton!!! D:<
Top to bottom: Let's Skate! | Morning Frost | For Effect
I really thought I was going to dislike Let's Skate! but I purchased anyway because I just have a love for paint pots. It turns out that in the sun it's GORGEOUSSSS and by far my favorite out of the bunch. I haven't tried it on yet but I'm sure it'll look great :)

Let's Skate! is a icy pink with a golden shimmer. It sounds crazy but I have no other way to describe it... and let's just say I'm really bad with color descriptions too LOL..

Morning Frost is a shimmery, almost metallic taupe color. I'm sure there are many dupes but I just had to have it anyway :P

For Effect is a gunmetal/black with silver glitter. This color is awesome and it's pretty pigmented in one swipe! :) A great base for those smoky looks.

So library blogging has horrible lighting. Especially sitting next to the cloudy window lol. BUT here are swatches anyway in the same order as above.
When we got into the car to head home I snapped a photo of it in the sunlight! I wish I could've captured how BEAUTIFUL all the shades really were but iPhone 3GS photography sucks.
Overall, I was not impressed with this collection! I'm heading back to the counter tomorrow though and maybe I'll get to spend more time with a few more items and it could change my mind... lol :)


I have a flat iron review coming up soon, but most likely my next post will be more of what's happening in my life post. I really need to vent but I don't wanna be childish and blast it online like SOME PEOPLE do.

Goodnight all, and hope you had a great Halloween!


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  1. Let's Skate looks pretty! I'm planning a Nordstrom haul later this week. (double points!) So far I'm just going for one of the lip sets. How have you been? Oh, and I thought you were getting the new iPhone!

  2. @Stephanie
    Double points? Go girl!! : )

    You can follow one (or all) of my blogs, Lindah : ) I look forward to seeing your life update post. Thanks for sharing your haul.

  3. Hey lindah! Thanks for the comment girl! I am hoping to jump back onto blogging permanently again lol... I missed blogger lol! but anywho how are these paint pots? Worth the money or nah??

  4. Stumbled on your blog and browsing around. Great haul you got there. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  5. waah I love the let's skate~ thx for the swatches :)

  6. where you at? hope you had a good thanksgiving!


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