19 June 2011

2011 Sucks....

Hey gals!

Sorry for being MIA again but I've started a summer one class and lately money has been tight so I gotta work my ass off and get nothing in return! -_-" even worse my phone recently got stolen at the mall with all my lecture materials on it :( ....had to replace that too! Grr... And we just got into ANOTHER car accident that wasn't our fault again today. Yes, that's right, another one as if the one on my birthday wasn't bad enough!

Spring 2011 was really sucky too because I transferred to a university from a community college and price of tuition totally killed me!! D: with all that being said, I haven't been splurging on any makeup and been paying ridiculous amounts for premium gas and oil changes! Ugh, 2011 sucks!!!

I will be posting up items on the blog sale soon because I am really in need of money and need to get this stuff out of my room anyway so hope some of you are interested in some of the items and will help me out!


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  1. aww, sorry dear =[ I hope things will be better for you in the future! Almost doneeeeeee. The past 2-3 years sucks for me so ehh, I hope it gets better soon because 2011 sucks thus far for me too.

  2. Hey girl, if you only know what's going on with my life, then you will probably realize that your life is not that bad. Stay strong and keep your head up. That's what I tell myself all the time.

    If you ever have a blog sale I'll post it on my blog so people can find out about it.


  3. I hope things get better for you soon! Just keep swimming...

  4. sorry to hear about that lindah.sucks when life throws a curveball, but like wat jillian said, just hang in there. I wish I can do something to help ya, let me know. *big squeeeeze*

  5. hey hun~~ sorry to heard the start of your 2011 has been bad. maybe your getting all the bad now.. get it out the way for all the good?? we like the sound of that^^~~ heads up for the rest of the year.xx


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