01 June 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean NOTW

Hello! I know, it's been a long time and I definitely miss blogging but life is just too interesting to pass up right now :)

Stuff used:

- OPI Mermaid's Tears (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)
- China Glaze Cracked Concrete (Crackle Collection)
- Out the Door Northern Lights

Apply your base color!

I'm using Mermaid's Tears, obviously.

Apply the crackle to select fingers.

I applied it to my ring and thumb :)

Since the crackle leaves an ugly, matte, not long lasting finish we're going to apply a top coat!

I'm using northern lights today, just to be fancy ;P

It gives a beautiful holographic effect and it was only $3!! :D

Here's a somewhat better picture of it. It's really hard to photograph >_<

Super gorgeous!! I'm posting this right after I painted them and it's night time so I can't wait to see them in the sun tomorrow ;) !!

Did you haul anything from the OPI Pirates collection? If so what, and is it a must have?! XD I need to know if I need them all lmao!

See you gals later!

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  1. LOVE the combo, dear! i have the whole collection, but barely used any of them, you inspire me to use em next NOTd! :) more nail posts, please!

  2. so soo pretty!
    i dont have any of the collection though! i do only neutral nail polish!hehe

  3. glad they still had it when you went! love that shop!

  4. Lovely duo! I don't own an OPI but whenever I have my nails done, I always make sure that the salon uses OPI. :)

  5. Pretty!!! I have both Mermaid's Tears and Cracked Concrete and Mermaid's Tears looks gorgeous with Silver Shatter. Do more of these posts!

  6. @giang;; I wanted the pink colors and the other greens but... I don't tend to wear pinks lol and the other greens are probably similar to the ones I have in my collection already :(

    @vanilla;; I MISS YOU!! I know you like neutral nail polishes lol :) we should have a swap again during the end of the year LOLLL

    @Stephanie;; I definitely went like a day or two before you texted me -___-" I know it's sad, I'm stalking that place and having someone else stalk it too... :X but silver shatter sold out in a matter of two days so I didn't snag that one :T

    @MariaKristela;; I wish I didn't own any OPI.. or any nail polish over $3 LOL, but they are really good though :)

    @kalai;; thank you! I wasn't sure if it would look right. I ended up grabbing the bottles and leaving so I put this one at someone else's house :X forgot my base coat too!

    @jacquelyn;; I wish I could've even had a chance at the silver shatter but it's okay... It looks gorgeous in photos so I guess that's good enough for me >_< I'm trying to do more random posts that doesn't require computer uploading hence the super shitty iPhone pictures xD

  7. woman... finally a post! lol.

    I like the combo ;]

  8. OMG~ you got the mermaid tears polish! LUCKYY. hahaha

    awww too bad the crackle wasn't that great. :(


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