13 July 2011

FOTD: Dad's birthday

Hey gals :) So I'm done with summer classes and my boyfriend is heading out tomorrow night for business and I think I'll have some time to blog this weekend ^_^

So here's a quick neutral look (yenno, they look like all my other neutral ones -__-") I wore to my friend Gap's birthday dinner. He turned the big... was it 25 or 26? Who knows, but we call him Dad because he's the oldest lol. We also made him a penis birthday cake. (white cake with pink frosting!)

And the reason I'm about to bust out laughing in the picture above is because of this LOSER...

I have some hauls to blog about soon ;) ...stay tuned!



  1. been missing those hauls lady!

  2. love this look! very simple... what are u wearing on your lips? I like!

  3. I'm wearing MAC's kissable lipcolour in so vain :) it's sooo pretty and I thought I lost it the other day! Plus it gives me a mega tanned look when I wear it 8)

  4. HEEEEEEYYYY!!!! You look pretty as always :) I can't wait to see more posts :)

  5. You look so pretty and happy!!! :)

    You can buy the Nivea whitening deodorant on amazon.com! Hope that helps you out!

    Can't wait to see your hauls! :D


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