05 January 2011


Happy [late] New Years everyone! I hope everyone had a great and safe new years :)

I had a ton of fun hanging out with friends and family and getting my drank on. What did you gals do?

Here's my face, in case you forgot. I'm sure no one forgot, haha!

I was looking back onto this FOTD and the sun kinda washed out my makeup! I know I looked somewhat dramatic during the day when I went shopping. I'm wearing the Dashing Lassies Palette (Holiday 2010), Stereo Rose MSF (In The Groove 2010), and Feelin' Good TLC (Warm and Cozy 2010). It was really pretty and lightly smoky, I promise!


You know, I totally skipped my Tartan Tale haul because I thought I lost my camera?? I tried to record it on my laptop but the audio was being a shithead and totally didn't even go through so I didn't post it.

I don't have to beat the crowd to see MAC collection releases anymore! (Thank goodness.) My MAC lady lets me see everything before it releases and then I presale it so I have first dibs on it!

from Cham Pale
  • Rose Ole Special Reserve Highlight Powder
  • Calm Mode TLC SPF 15 + Lavender (exact dupe for Feelin' Good TLC, just a different scent due to the lavender)
  • I Get No Kick Kohl Eye Pencil
  • Chilled On Ice Paint Pot
  • Let Me Pop Paint Pot
  • Vintage Selection Paint Pot
  • Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot
from Stylishly Yours
  • Follow Your Fancy Pigment
  • Madly Personal Pigment
  • New Fixation Pigment

The paint pots is the highlight of this collection for me! I really love bases like this :) These paint pots are very different from the usual MAC paint pots. Some reason they seem more like the Asian Cream Shadows because they're more glittery and sheer although the color is definitely buildable!

I couldn't turn down the pigments I didn't own because I am a pigment collector! I haven't really touched them or the ones from Venomous Villains but I just love using pigments. The highlight powder is really nice too. The shimmers aren't too chunky and not overly shimmery. I use it to highlight my cheekbones when I wear pink or peach blush!

I also really like the eye liner too! It's a nice precision highlighter with no brushes necessary to use ^_^. Just need your fingers to blend it in. The TLC is pretty much my backup for the Feelin' Good one because it's the same color but I'm not too fond of the scent so hopefully when I whip it out I'll adjust to it.


I have a couple more things to show you that I hauled. Here's a hint, it's a cream shadow! ^_^

My New Years [beauty] resolution:
Blog more often, or quit blogging all together!
Yes, I know it's pretty sad but I'll figure it out by the end of the year.



  1. Ohhh! Yay for MAC hauling! I went to the MAC counter at Nordstrom, and picked up Fix+ from the cham pale collection! :)

  2. I'm going to review the maybelline foundation real soon! everyone is asking me to do a review! Maybe you can check out another walmart. I went to two different ones, before I found it in shade 230! :)

    I really liked the lavender in the Fix+. I thought it smells very nice, and it's faint. It's not super strong! And the fact that it's LE, so I wasn't sure if I should pick up a backup in case! Lol.

    I haven't tried the candle warmer! I've seen them, but they seem a little pricey! I want to buy one soon, because I got some of those candles for a present. :D

  3. What a great haul! I got a few things from the three/four last collections that came out...tsk tsk, no more makeup for a while lol. I say you don't stop blogging. Don't feel bad if you don't blog often. I think it's better to only blog when you really have something to say than to blog just so that your followers have something to read. (:


  4. By the way, are you planning on picking up anything from the peacocky collection, or the Mickey contractor collection? :)

  5. wow u r so lucky to get the presale!
    btw i just read ur skin profile and wondering if ur skin is sensitive, if so, would u post skincare routine?hehehe

  6. Grr you're really tempting me to get the Rose Ole highlighter! Ah! :O

    For your resolution I suggest, blog more!! ♥

    I ♥ reading your posts x

  7. @lindah- Aah you are tempting me too much!! But you're right, it does seem pretty unique and the crinkled effect looks gorgeous. :)

    You are so lucky to have a lot of those samples lol! How is the comfort cream? Do you like it?? xx

  8. Happy New Year Lindah! Love your MAC haul, everything looks so beautiful :D


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