11 January 2011


Hello! A quick post tonight... By the way, I updated my blogsale! The link is above this post on my blog ^_^

I was playing around with my pigments I got from Stylishly Yours (click for the post) and this is the look I came up with :)

No full face shots because my face is super oily. I like this combo, but I wish I would've put a white base underneath so that the pink was more vibrant.

I used the hot pink pigment all over the lid, the orange pigment in the crease, and the red pigment on the outer corner with just a matte off-white highlight. I think bright colors look great with a sharply winged liner so of course I went with it but no lashes since I was just messing around and I'm not going anywhere :P

Alright ladies, have a great night! I'll see you all in the next post.



  1. woman... is this for valentine? lol. you know I love my pinks ;]

  2. Love the look! It looks amazing! :)

  3. very pretty look!! I love girly pink looks!

  4. Love the look! I wish I could rock pink eyeshadow on my eyes.

  5. pretty!!! you got blendin skills girl :)


  6. I really like this look on you. I dont know if I could pull it off but you definitely did a good job on it =)

  7. Yes, I've noticed you've been blogging way more than me. lol. I wonder how long will it take you to do the tag. I did rely on that and eucerin for my legs but since it's not irritating anymore, I stopped and use lotions once in awhile... once in awhile. hahaha. oh man, i'm such a lazy person. Actually, I just don't like the feelings of lotion.... all greasy, yuck! Gold Bond is good though, absorbs pretty fast.

  8. that is gorgeous. and how the color flows


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