07 June 2010


Hello everyone & hello to my new followers :)

I'm avoiding homework right now so I'm making a quick little review of this popular item I've seen everyone using since my freshman year of high school. I'm really tired of my summer classes already! :( *sigh* economics.... I guess I really can't avoid it since I'm a business major LOL.. It'd also help if I stayed home and read the chapters instead of going out and spending money! haha, I'm terrible :)

I picked it up at Ulta a while back and started using it early this month. Much to my surprise, I actually liked it but I don't think it's amazing for my lashes.

Simple black packaging with a gold cap and lettering.

The most traditional wand I've used in a long time but at first I was kind've nervous that it would suck lol. It's very soft but the wand feels very sturdy. It does get a tiny bit of mascara build-up on the tip of the wand but that's easily wiped away.

The formula to this mascara is not too wet, but not too dry. It strikes a really good balance. The formula also transfers well onto the lashes. I got the shade carbon black so it's a true black color when applied to my lashes. I do notice a little flaking by the end of the day and some minor smudging if it's really hot outside. It's not going to give me dramatic volume because of the way my lashes are naturally, but it gives me natural looking volume. I would imagine that if you had long, full lashes already this would be good for that dramatic volume. Also, there's no need for makeup remover since it washes off easily with water and some mild soap!

Here's my nekkid lashes! Today they aren't acting up super bad :) And today I found out that the top outer corner lashes are shorter and curled so it's a toughie to apply mascara there. I always assumed my outer lashes were longer than the inner ones but now I know the truth lol

Just curled them up with my shu uemura lash curler.. which almost broke the other day since it was getting tossed in my purse! o_O I think that the head of it is too curved for my eyes/face shape since I got a little dent in my skin :( I'm looking forward to trying out the shiseido one soon!

Here's one coat of the voluminous. Sorry the picture is a little bit blurry since the camera didn't focus right. It gives nice natural volume to the lashes.

This is with a second coat of the mascara and because my fan was on blowing towards my face, it was drying a little quick for me to work with so my apologies if it looks flaky lol

Verdict? I can see why I've seen this in girls makeup bags since high school because it's a pretty good product! It'll work best for people who don't have sparse, stubby lashes because I can see it going all sorts of wrong. If you have nice long lashes and want a little volume you'll love this mascara since it'll give you a nice, natural, feathery lashes :)



  1. haha, it was my first mascara I ever had my hands on. I remember I bought it in 3's for like 9 bucks at BJ's.

  2. You've got some pretty lashes! Slightly jealous! Just slightly* hahaha

  3. my sis love that mascara. i have yet to try it.

    babe mekong is a beautiful color. so many combos. i basically substitute carbon n use mekong instead. outercorners and smokey eye look. blend it out and then slighty pack the color cuz blending will get rid of the glitters. great combo w/greens, orange, brown, cranberry and lots more. hehe

    here's a post i did a while back:

  4. ooh, nice product, one of my pet peeve is the mascara gunk at the end of the mascara wand when you pull it out, it reminds me of the kitchen sink and I get grossed out lol. I agree with you the outfit will look hot on a porn star legal of age but not Miley!! lool

  5. definetly blv this is one of the best best mascaras in the drugstore! def a winer!

  6. Oooh this looks nice. I never tried a L'Oreal mascara before. lol


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