09 June 2010


*waves* HELLO! :) I'm getting back into the groove of wearing makeup... well kinda!? LOL, I felt so awkward wearing colors out the other night! AND stay tuned for a sneak peak of some of the new MAC Dazzle lippies! OMG.. they are either LOVE it or HATE it lol. I however am still undecided xD

This is the look I wore to dim sum on Thursday afternoon. I wore Maybelline's new quad thingies in "taupe temptress" and I think I overblended or did something wrong because when you see the eyeshadow it looks like shit! LOL.. yeah, no photo looking down because it looks terrible :X

Yup very simple! But then again it was super hot anyway so I didn't wanna wear superrr heavy makeup. I'm loving the feelin` dreamy lipglass this weekend ^_^

This is the look I wore out bowling on Friday night. (The super bright night)

I originally went to go eat sushi first when the sun was still high that's why I said I felt so weird walking out of the house with all that eyeshadow on! Everyone kept complementing on it though so I GUESS it was okay lol xD

Crappy closeup! At least my eyebrows are clean I guess.. (busted out my urban decay deluxe palette. first item I ever bought from sephora 2 years ago!)

Okay this picture actually has no makeup on (more like sweat!) but I thought it was funny because I held this pose for a good minute while the girl I work with was trying to take it. There were also these two guys dining in but I don't think he paid me any attention. But if they were they're pretty cool anywaysss. I guess we're just the biggest nerds because all we talk about is school everytime I see them LOL...

At my boyfriend's store!

My hair was a mess and I didn't even realize it until I looked at this picture!

All fixed and better! :) Well somewhat better, still need to get a haircut though. I'm really digging the puffy sleeve look ^_^

And there's me and jon! ^_^ He's always grumpy in the pictures he takes with me -_-" BUT THEN he never wants me to post him up! UGH, what a dummy... but it's okay, he's my dummy :D

I think I was in a good mood! I really liked to take pictures this day.. lol. I just got done with my presale at nordstroms... OMG @_@ I think I spent $200 or less.. GEEZ, I shoulda calculated while I made a list LOL but oh well, we only live once right? I'm really gonna have to work hard to pay this off! xD

I took so many pictures because boyfriend was getting the lottery thing done or something... I bet people thought I was a camera whore just snapping away in the car! LOL..

OKAY, so here's the DIGI POP sneak peak! (nordstrom anniversary collection)

I'm sure you can tell which ones are the dazzle lipsticks and dazzleglasses.

YES, MAC came out with a new lipstick finish! ^_^ Do you spy the green tint one?

You can see more of the green tint in this picture.. they feel like lustre-ish because it's moisturizing-esque.. but it has this crazy dazzleglass sparkle that doesn't go away!

I preordered the (not official names lol):
  • dark purple dazzleglass
  • fuchsia dazzleglass (should've got "high-falutin" also.. the pinky one!)
  • light orange/peachy dazzle lipstick
  • light lavender dazzle lipstick
  • Frisky girl look in a box (pretty baby beauty powder, well dressed powder blush, mercurial mineralized eye shadow, nymphette lipglass, and studio fix lash(?))
  • NARS set... which I think I should've have gotten but oh well, already on my list!
All new lippies were really pretty but yeah, I only have one set of lips!

OKAY, so boyfriend is getting mad because I'm suppose to be eating dinner!

Talk to you gals later ;D



  1. i love the no makeup, neutral, and bold look! the bold look is so pretty; love the combo of colors! i love that black puffy shoulder top!!

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  3. Looking prettyyyyy! hmmm, Jon's store is pretty nice. hehe. Show us your outfits! =]

    dang woman.... $200!? tsk tsk... you did bought a lot of lippie products. hehe.

  4. Those are some really pretty lipgloss swatches! :D

  5. damn I want ALL of that so damn glittery


  6. Wwhhaatt?! A new finish?! I must see in person!!! :D

  7. Awe! Cute pictures.. Love the eye colors..

  8. OMG! Thanks for the sneak peek!


  9. omg at the commenter above me ^ go away with your spam!!

    lol. anyway, your bright shadow looks really good. it might make you feel more brave to wear it if you're wearing neutral colored clothing like a black top with jeans or something.

    i'm looking forward to your next makeup post! how's work and summer school? you and your man are cute together, btw : )

  10. This look is great and presale at Nordstrom sounds fun! Man I wish there was a Nordstrom in canada and lol I snap pictures while I'm in the car waiting too!

  11. u get so many spam comments from that chinese person! wtf i get those too but i block them.

    i love ur colorful look! it suits you well. i can't wait for the digipops!


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