30 June 2010


Hello my lovelies!

I've been away from the blogging scene for a little while and I actually thought about leaving! *GASPS* I know, but I can't really keep away lol. I've been swamped with schoolwork (macro&microeconomics stuff) and I'm planning my sister's baby shower which is the end of july. I have been super busy this summer and I've actually been going out and enjoying myself which is why I have had no time for blogging :( I mean, it's not like I don't have things to blog about, I just don't have enough motivation.

Anywho.. here's my face if you forgot what I look like lol. I took this picture after I took my micro test yesterday and we had to make a run for it in the rain.. Hair is all wet, GRR! And my clothes were uncomfortable because they were really wet too :(

Seeeee.. face is all wet! Foundation held up pretty well, the mascara not to much! BUT it's okay, it's not waterproof lol ^_^ Wanted to show you gals this too, my lashes! I'm wearing the new Maybelline the FALSiES volum' express mascara :) I say it's okay with one coat, not amazing but I do like it enough to not throw it in the trash :D I probably have one 2-3 coats in the photo below and I didn't curl my lashes.

Alright, onto what this is suppose to be about. As you can tell from the title of the post, I finally hauled myself the MUFE #92 eyeshadow!! WHOOO, I was super excited! Like finally right? LOL, you would think I had this already!

The color is gorgeous, the best purple ever! Its downfall? THE PRICE (though you get a lot for your money) and also the present it leaves behind on your eyes. After I remove my makeup, I get a pink stained eye because of it's pigmentation! Frustrating? Yes. But I just have to remember to take my makeup off when I wear this because usually by morning time it's mostly gone.

It's a matte shade which can be tricky if you don't blend it out well. Most of MUFE's shades are matte and this one is actually a "powder blush". I want to do a creative look soon and try this out as a blush LOL..

Swatch on my hand. Looks pretty boring, but it just makes my eyes pop whenever I wear it!

Here's a look I've done with it! Yeah, it's pretty boring but I didn't want to go overboard with such a dark color :) I LOVE wearing this eyeshadow! I'm gonna go back and buy some more of their shadows. Probably wait until they have that free palette deal and just fill up a palette of MUFE shadows and that'll probably be good enough for me ^_^ I'm still trying to fill up a MAC palette haha!

Ohh, and here's doggy :) He's shy but that brown fur is him LOL.. *anti-social dog*

Good bye for now! Hopefully I have enough motivation to update. I really need to have a blogsale soon :( ....maybe that'll be my next post!


  1. Hey Lindah! (: I passed on this eyeshadow... thought it was pretty hyped up. lol

    I swatched it in the store & was NOT impressed. I'm going to pick up a MUFE HD Blush though. Have you tried those yet?

  2. I love bright colors! :D
    And yay for updates!

  3. I picked up MUFE 92 awhile ago, too, and I love it! It's really easy to sheer out to make it wearable, but it's also really easy to do something dramatic with it!

    Does the falsies mascara curl your lashes, or are your lashes naturally curled? My lashes are so straight and they point down, and I'm always looking for a good curling mascara!

  4. You look gorgeous with this vibrant purple!

  5. purple purpleeee, love that look :)

  6. Let's discuss your use of my favorite eyeshadow over. LOVE the shadow, LOVE your look!


  7. its so pigmented that it stains your eye lids? that's crazy lol. by the way you look good as always and i'm glad your back. I hope you don't give up blogging :/

    by the way, i remember when i took econ in college. I think it was macro econ, don't remember but i do remember it almost kicked my butt lol.

  8. I loooovveeee!!!! Yeah, I've been debating on buying 92 but I've been looking for that perfect purple...we shall have to see! :D

  9. the e/s is really pigmented and love the way it looks on you :)

  10. The famous #92 eyeshadow is finally under your possession! Its so pretty on you :)

  11. I think there is a free palette deal if you buy 3 shadows. I think it requires a code or something online... Anyhow I'm back! I'm lazy to blog as well.. we should try to meet up one day! :D

  12. 人有兩眼一舌,是為了觀察倍於說話的緣故。............................................................

  13. that is such a gorgeous color !!!!

  14. Love that purple e/s on you! I know you said that it's a blush, but you wear it well. :)


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