24 September 2009


I just got back from MAC! :D I checked out their style black collection and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! ^_^ BUT, they gave me two of the same color lipsticks so I gotta go back tomorrow after class and exchange it :( OH WELL! Has anyone else checked it out yet? :)

I was going to do a real post today because:
- I got my Rock and Republic haul
- I got my sephora haul
- I got my MAC haul
- I got Shar's prize package! (see photo below)

BUT I can't post because my boyfriend took our camera so I refuse to use shitty webcam pics! LOL :) anyway, look at the size of that envelope! OMG O_O When my boyfriend brought it into the room to show me whenever it came in, I was like WTF?! I thought all my stuff already came in already so I just left it there because I had a chemistry test the next day.. When I opened it it was like heaven because I didn't even know what the prizes were for her contest LOL! xD

I have lots of posts planned... but I'll start off with awards from fellow bloggers :)

I got both of these awards from Momo Monroe & Makeup Before Coffee (Crystal). Thank you for these awards dolls :)!

I've already done honest scrap in this post here so you can check that out ^_^

But I haven't done the other award yet. The rules are simple, list 10 useless facts! lol :)

1. I need to shave my legs :X
2. I trip over the bare floor... o_O??
3. I'm doing great in all my classes EXCEPT government! :( Boo hoo! I hope I don't have to drop it.
4. I have boxes of unopened makeup sitting around my room still. Anyone wanna see a post on that? :)
5. I LOVEEEEE the television series BONES! It's so gooood :)
6. I don't wash my makeup brushes for about a week or maybe more sometimes... :O!
7. I'm on episode 115 on Bleach... almost finished with it hopefully! LOL
8. I love Justin Timberlake!
9. Twilight fan! Not as big as some other people, but definitely a fan still :D
10. I don't fold my laundry until after like a week... LOL! What a LAZY ass! Do you guys see how lazy I am? O_O

BTW, I got an 86 on my psychology test! FUCK YEA! :) I got an 84 on my Chem test (I think) and I'm pretty sure I passed my speech test I stayed up all night studying for with at least an 80! :) I have another test on monday which is history and I'm a little skeptical about this one. :(



  1. congrats on your test scores!!

    i haven't checked out the new mac collection yet, trying to hold off on some spending!!

    woohoo look at all the packages and hauls you got going on ^__* i got a bunch i still need to take pics of and post...ahh too many...

    can't wait to see your rock republic haul!!

    i really need to use the stuff that i bought recently haha i'm just like you i have a corner in my room with boxes of unused, untouched products...sad!

  2. Wow, huge package!! Can't wait to see what's inside!

  3. yay you did it!! i trip on the bare floor too :S LOL tell me how you like the style black collection, i went to mac today to see it and it wasn't really my cup of tea :( but the shadows look pretty! you NEED ricepaper! it's the only highlight i have ever used!! congrats on the schoolin!

  4. you got new goodies! we wanna see. :) congrats on passing your test btw.

  5. yay for goodies and passing your test.

  6. damn. I hate psychology! Gimme some brain power for my psychology exam please!!! I only have a midterm and a final for the damn psychology class -___- goshies... I better pass with the same grade as you at least!!! lol. and I wanna see pictures of the haul =[ tell your boo to bring the camera back! the other Linda wants to see some photos! haha. that's so demanding... please? ;]

  7. congrats on the test :) never get the chance to study that :( not available the subject here only certain place got it.

  8. i'm going to the style black party and getting my makeup done! woohoo!!!

    and look at you girl! acin' those tests! good job! :P

  9. Congrats on all those great test grades.. psychology was my worst class yet... I shouldn't have taken that class... I got my lowest grade ever in that class.. :( Can't wait to see your makeup haul!! :)

  10. wow congrats on passing your test ..just think positive you can pass all your exam ..aja! sometime am indolent too haha

  11. Cute photo! :) I picked up Cinderella today, I tired not to splurge to bad! And congrats on ya test... I hated chem in college but ya just gotta do it!

  12. oh my god, you just reminded me to catch up with bleach. I don't even remember where I stopped but it was during one of those fillers... lol. I had such a crush on Ichigo when I was watching hahaha.

  13. I'm terrible with washing my makeup brushes...I don't clean them nearly as much as I should. I love Justin too, but never mention him or his music because my bf and brother will laugh endlessly at me :D.

    Congrats on your test scores!

  14. Congrats on the tests!

    And lol I know the package was huuumongous...but i hope you like them.

  15. yey congratz on your test scores ^_^.

    I'm sooo excited to see your hauls ^_^

  16. number 4,me me me !
    i LOVE justin timberlake too !

  17. More posts! About the items you got! I want to see them all! Haha. Awww... well it's awesome that you got in your rock and republic items!

  18. First, Congrats on your test scores. =)

    Wow~ I'm so looking forward to your hauls. Rock & Republic haul? That sounds fabulous.

    That prize package sure looks huge. ^^

  19. congrats on the great score and HOLY CRAP THAT IS A HUGE PACKAGE. omg. to ship that in Canada would cost like $30 not kidding, man sometimes I wish I live in the states, everything is so much cheaper like shopping and mailing stuff!! Anyways don't worry about tripping over bare flor, I do it too, sometimes I also choke on my own spit when I'm on the treadmill... LOL!!! too much info!?! oh yes and I love Bones too, I LOVEEEEE DAVID BOREANEZ OMGGGGGGG <3 <3 <3

  20. omgi can sooo relate to numbers 2,4,6, and 10 lol..... and i hated government or any political class in highschool, thank God i don't need to take them here at the university i attend...ugh annoying... i don't even know how i got placed in AP American Gov. my junior year in highschool.. It was a serious mistakeee lol...

  21. Leeeeeeeeendah! : )

    If you’d like, you can email me your size so that I can set aside your color of choice. You can also tell me what it is you want made so that I can start designing it, I probably won’t get to it until next week anyway. Email me if you’re still interested kbanguis@gmail.com

  22. show us whats inside already!! lol

    eehh you're not alone regarding the make up brush cleaning thing. I feel lazy.. that is probably why my skin is on crack.. ahahah!! i got acne on my cheeks :( makes me depressed..

    Anywho, I didn't even notice that my stationary has pandas!! OMGosh.. ahahahah!! its a subconscious thing :P

    I'm keeping my P.O. Box address so it will be the same.. :)

  23. bahaha but its still a clown
    yeahh but jill stuart is way too pricey !

    if u like their look u should go for majolica instead,its cheaper.bahahhahahha


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