02 April 2009

New Shirt :)

Quick update! LOL I went to sephora today to buy another dior product XD and I got free birthday lipglosses :) I'll make a video this friday and probably upload it that night maybee? But ANYWHOOO... I exchanged my OMG WTF shirt because it didn't fit like I wanted to on my arms lol but I got this shirt instead :D

I think it's really cutee.. I've been into the "button up" shirts lately for some reason.. Maybe because it's spring time LOL! But that's my [boyfriend's] niece and she's ready for bed! She's wearing her camp rock PJs xD and her restroom is so much neater than my room.. :(


  1. Haha the lil girl is funny. That's a cute shirt!

  2. That is a really cutttteee shirt :) I love it :)♥

  3. Love your top too.. it's purple! Even better! =P

  4. that top is tooo cute!where did u get it??

    i like button up shirts too but uh...my boobs don't like to keep the seams together so it always looks like buttons are gonna pop ugh haha


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