17 April 2009

Tantalizing Teal FOTD

Did a quick look to sorta match my teal tube top underneath my white jacket :) I felt that I was leaving the house too plain.. haha

It was starting to get dark and I was sitting in the backseat putting this on! OMG, I had to do my liquid eyeliner in the dark :X So my blending is kind've off too but whateverrr. I still like it :P

Ignore my hair. My bangs get really oily by the end of the night :(

Here's a blurry closeup. lol

Trying to smile.. didn't work too well xD

Looks a little silvery/grayish huh? I think my cam settings are whack lol should change that next time eh?

Deuceeee! Wanna know what I used? ASK :)

<333 Lindah


  1. hey gurl! cute look! haha its ok if ur hair is oily in the flick.. ur still super duper fly! =P you need to have a followers thing up!


  2. That's a nice teal look :) I love ittt :D I need to wear more colors.

    St. Germain will be perfect for your skintone. It will bring out your skintone.

    I got Money Honey for dazzleglass

  3. owww super cute look!!! ps just a few more days and im done finalls! ahh swatches here we come lollll yesss i wna knw what u used ;) xooxoxo

  4. Wow the teal is sizzling!!! :D

  5. OMG u live in texas!! im going there for a vacay in june! lol its for my moms reunion with her hs friends haha

    yahh theres soo little nyx stuff here in Toronto soo i had to splurge on the lot sale haha i havent tried all the lippies yet but the ones i did were sooo nice and creamy :)

    i knwww i cant wait til after exams! so many posts i wna do loll good luck on ur exams too girl!

    xoxo, bev

  6. teal looks great on you and wow u did this in the dark while sitting in the backseat?!?! that is talent woman!!

    great look and nicely blended!!


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