30 March 2009

Danny McBride & Weekend Haul

Danny McBride was touching my back! :O He plays "red" on pineapple express and I think he's in the new movie Observe and Report. Oh yeah, I got to see the premier of that too ;) I feel so VIP ahah!

Here's a post of what I've bought over the weekend :) I was going to make a video on my collective makeup haul from the past month (stuff isn't pictured) but I'll make the video this weekend or something.

First off, Sallys! I didn't get much, but I was only there to take the boyfriend's little sister to buy her nail polish. She really wanted my "spontaneous" -- purple -- but I told her to get her own :P haha you can sort of see the color on my pinky nail. I want to see how long it will grown until it breaks! xD It looks super weird.

I bought stickers to make my nails look not so plain haha and I got another china glaze in "solar power"

Then for my birthday the boyfriend took me to buy some shirts :D I got two tshirts from wetseal. I'm going to exchange the OMG WTF one in a different size because it's a little tight on my arm. And I didn't even know what metro station was until after I got the shirt LOL!

These are from Charlotte Russe. Red one is very fitted and I love the way it looks! The second one is really pretty on but can make you easily look pregnant or fat so I have to wear a belt with it around the waist haha

Same for this white one, I looked pregnant wearing it when it would go up because my bra was too silky! LOLLL

HK bag is from wetseal, thought it was really cute :) and the other one is from Waterloo in Austin, TX. I really needed something to hold my chips & other junk food through out the day because convention center food is so expensive! :(

Fuz inspired me to buy this dior lippie.. it's my first dior! It's the high shine in 554 and I really like it :D again, the boyfriend bought it for me haha

I haven't been to mac in such a long time and didn't get to go see the release of the collections right away like I usually do because I was in austin the whole time :( I guess it was a good thing though or else I'd be flat broke LOL! My usual MA wasn't there but this one was just as nice! (didn't get her name) I got perfect topping MSF. I'ts really pretty as a highlight :) I also got light over dark from the grand duo collection. I originally wasn't going to pick this up but then she tried it on me. It looks pretty for light contouring too :) And last year I didn't get to pick up lollipop loving from the heatherette collection because I was broke and jobless so I scooped it up :D I'm glad I did.. I really love it!

I originally wanted grand duo instead of light over dark but they were all sold out.. :( The MA was so nice she just gave me grand duo except that it's a tester but I don't care! LOL I just wiped the top layer down with a tissue and viola, I got a free blush :P

Last but not least, seasonal peach nailpolish! :D the boyfriend's sister actually got me this for my birthday because of my lastest nail polish obsession haha. She got the peppermint pattie nailpolish and got me the tasty tri colour lipgloss. I don't know if I want to use it because I don't want it to mix :(

That's it for today :D I recently found a sephora box in my closet from a few weeks ago LOL! I'm so sad that I even forgot about it xD

<333 Lindah


  1. WHATTTT???? A free blush?? You're sooo lucky girl!! ahahha! I wish they'd give me all of there testers that they don't need anymore like those LE eyeshadows. ahahah!!

    Ohhh MSF! I'll be waiting on that at the CCO! hahaa :)

    tHAT HK bag is to die for!!! :D

  2. Nice 554 is so cute isn't it!! Hehe, the polish color is gorgeous~

  3. ohh i know talk about mia :( ahh i wanted that seasonal peach but im trying to save so i just got the peppermint pattie one. i looveee the totes u got! theyre both sooo cute! i want that NEKO one hahha dnt knw y but i think its soo fab! lol ahh i cant believe you got grand duo for freee thats awesomeeee! ps: you should def try some lush products theyre sooo good!! minus ONE that i hate :( hahaha xooxxo!


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