02 March 2009

Olive Green Eyes, More HK, China Glaze, & New Camera

Wow that's a long title! Anyway here's the look I wore on friday:
I decided to revisit the 2008 Warm palette (inspired by Iyah's video) since I haven't used it in a while & decided to wear some green.. In person it kind've looks more black?! But I guess the picture captured the olive greeness, lol. It's an okay palette. If I were to go back and be in the position to purchase it, I don't think I would this time around because I hardly use it :(

So I was reading around somewhere the other day and I saw that the lifespan of an eyeshadow is only 3 years?!?! Is that really true? If so.. I think I need to stop buying new ones :( I don't wanna feel like I'm wasting product by throwing it away..


In my last post I said I was picking up a few more things from mac hello kitty :) I got: nice to nice l/g, sweet strawberry l/g, strayin' l/s (wearing in the picture w/ sweet strawberry l/g on top), and tahitian beauty powder. I just couldn't say no to the beauty powder even though its so sheer that it doesn't really show up, I'm just going to use it to blot :) strayin' IS a pretty color, but sometimes bold lipsticks make my teeth look yellow! :( Didn't take any pictures of these, I'm sure everyone's seen what they look like :D


I read on someone's blog, forgot who sorry, but at sallys china glaze is only $3.25 with the sallys card! So lets do the math... $6.50 at ulta, $5.99 at sallys, and $3.25 when you buy their $5 rewards card?!?! You can save a ton! Haha, I was just really happy when I found that out because I've been lemming on buying it. I really didn't wanna shell out for nail polish 'cause I'm cheap like that! :D anywho, here's the colors I got: For Audrey (light teal), V (light peachy orange), Shower Together (bright blue), Up All Night (midnight blue), Spontaneous (lilac purple). And from Finger Paints I got: I've Been Framed (mauvish pink), Paint it Red (red)!


My boyfriend also bought me a birthday present and gave it to me early... He got me a new camera! Now I can give back the donated one that SUCKS BOOTY! I was so excited to come home and look on my dresser and see a new camera :) I can make better videos now... LOL

Look at the cool feature! :) Click it to see what it says...

haha, "swang N bang" I didn't even knew that's what it said when I took the picture, I was just snappin' away.

And look how clear my stick is! (Yes I can drive a stick, and I must say I drive it well!)

And this picture from downtown.. It's so pretty, I made it small on purpose... in case someone I know steals it! xD


I ordered a few things from sephora today, I should be getting it next week! :) I didn't get so much makeup this time. I ordered the shu eyelash curler (need a good one), beauty blender duo w/ cleanser (from watching mona's video), urband decay crease brush, and the UDPP in sin. Just thought I'd try out the primer to see how I like it. I need a shimmery base. And if I don't like the beauty blender.. I could always return it with the free returns :D

Oh yeah, SEPHORA is having a 15% sale. It's not a whole lot, but I saved $15. LOL!

hurry, it ends march 7!

Hopefully this post wasn't too long, haha :)
<333 Lindah


  1. ohh love the nail polishes!!!! great look btw


  2. Nice nail polishes! And yes I have seen JP on tv lately... He looks like a freakin caveman! lmao I think he's going through a midlife crisis. He needs me to take care of him.. lmao


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