28 March 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Haul & Review

I signed my lease to my new apartment last Saturday, I'm paying the deposits on Friday, & I move in on Saturday! I'm so excited, it'll be my first place on my own :)


This week, March 24 through March 30, Maybelline has a special when you spend $10 on their lip products you receive $3 extra bucks! I thought this was a sweet deal because I'm going to use those extra bucks towards the Physician's Formula BB Cream, which I will be going back for tonight. Plus there's a $3 off coupon on the BB Cream so it's a pretty good deal in my opinion :)!

With that being said, and obviously the name of this post, I purchased the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm. I already own one so I decided to just throw it in the post along with the others and do a quick review over them. They were $3.99 each from my CVS which wasn't too bad but it definitely isn't as cheap as they would be if I purchased them from WalMart or Target.

Grapevine, Cherry Me, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch


Top: Cherry Me, Grapevine
Bottom: Pink Punch, Peach Kiss

These aren't what I'd consider a lip balm, but they perform similarly to the Revlon Colorburst Lip Balms. It has the lip balm feeling but I still get the 'makeup' type of texture to my lips. I have very dry lips and when I wear it for a long time it just doesn't look fresh even if I wipe it off reapply it.

I also don't like the way the lip balm stick gets after you apply it a few times. It seems like it starts to slide and smoosh against the tube though I have never had problems with it breaking off like some MAC lustre lipsticks do. It may also be because the stick has a larger diameter.

This won't be my 'go to' lip balm but makeup wise for a tint of color to a no-makeup face, I'd turn to these. The more pigmented shades aren't quite a lip stick but it's not just a plain 'ol boring lip balm.

Will I repurchase these? I don't think I'll ever use it up but I have a feeling the more pigmented shades will grow on me and if I lose it I'd probably pick a new one up since they're so inexpensive.

Cherry Me is a sheer hint of salmon when applied to my lips. (It applies almost clear.) I had the highest hopes for this shade and it gave the least payoff. I think I'd wear this shade the most often just because I really like the color combination on the tube. How could you not like orange and raspberry together? It screams summer to me!

Grape Vine is a sheer raspberry tint when applied to my lips. I really like how it gives a jelly type of pink look to them! I also really like the way this one smells but I can't explain the scent for some reason. It's very similar to Cherry Me but it has a smidgen more of coloring to it.

Peach Kiss is a wash of nude peach when applied to my lips.  It's subtle because it doesn't make my lips completely nude like a lipstick would and doesn't wash out my face. This is the only shade that has shimmer and a more cream type of finish while the other ones are more jelly-like. Because of that, this shade tends to enhance my dry lips more.

Pink Punch is a baby pink when applied to my lips. This one is pigmented! It brightens up my face but it makes my teeth look yellow. (Is that possible according to color wheel teachings?) I really like this shade but at the same time I hate it. If it didn't bring out the yellowness in my teeth I'd love it.


I know I'm late to jump on the baby lips bandwagon but I hope this helped anyone out! They're VERY cheap at WalMart so I'd suggest checking them out if $4 is too much to spend on a lip balm. As for me, I will decimate these throughout my day to various spots; i.e. my work desk, my purse, my backpack, and my bathroom.



  1. They look so pretty on you. I had pink punch after everyone raved about them and I HATED it. Like you, it made my teeth look horrendous! My fave on you is Cherry Me =)

    1. I really like Cherry Me on me too! I wore it on a cloudy day and really over-applied it and it looked really nice, like a stain type of look, lol :D

  2. Lovely post!
    Much love,

  3. I'm late on this train too. I have one somewhere but I don't know where it is... Anyhow I got like 8 or 9 revlon things from cvs today using extra bucks and got some back. I love extra bucks!

  4. the only one I own is grapevine! I think they feel nice when applied on the lips for an hour or so but my super chapped dry lips needs more moisture! have you tried the revlon lip butters? I feel as if they are comparable in feel and moisture level.

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