16 August 2011

NOTW: Silver Sparkles

hello all!

I finally had a chance to paint my nails the other day because I had a day off from work. Because I have to constantly wash my hands at work my nail polish chips off so easily that I feel like it's a waste of time sometimes so then I get super lazy but I know it's not a waste because I love to paint my nails so I'm trying to get back in the habit! :)


Short intermission from the Cheesecake Factory. If you're a facebook friend I'm sure you've seen my food pictures lol. We finally got to dress up together in a while so I really like this picture :) Plus it was daylight and surprisingly good for a iPhone picture! I did brighten it up a little bit on photoshop.


I purchase a little set from Ulta which was an inspired by Serena Williams theme. (I think it was Serena. Just one of the Williams sister okay!) It was about $14 but I saw it on sale the other day for about $10 -____- SIGHH!

Servin' Up Sparkle | Your Royal Shine-ness

I applied the shiny silver color on first with only one coat since it was pretty opaque and I was going to layer it. I then used two coats of the glitter polish.

It was that pretty holographic sparkle to it :) ooh I love the glitter topcoat! I think the possiblities will be endless in the future xD


Lastly, I leave you with my son! If you've been following my blog for over a year now you'll see how small he was. He's already got four teeth in and learned how to walk and say the dogs name... awwhhh :) ...and if you've been following for a long time you'll know it's my nephew ^_^

BUT I do look like his mother right?! Same skin tone, his hair goes to the same side, same nose, same mole on our arm in the same spot, and the same stupid thin top lip :P



  1. Love your nails! I know what you mean about chipping. It sucks when I put on nail polish and then later it chips during the day.

  2. I have thin lips too! Well, both bottom and upper! lol. At least yours is a little more full than mine. I was just about to say "what the hell, you're such a liar, you don't have a son!" lol.

  3. ooo the combination of the silver nail polish and glitters are so pretty! I was going to say.. when the hell did you have a son?? haha I love your lacey top as well! It looks really great on you!

  4. OMG I absolutely love your nails, can't believe I never thought of this combination before! Wait, do I even have a silver nail polish? Hmm...

  5. Cute nails and outfit!!! And cute bf! HAHHA. Love the picture!!! Cute couple!!!


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